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Name Stathis Dk
Location Greece, Heraklion
Date of birth 1991-08-28 (26 years old)
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drouks @ 2 years ago

exw mia gata pou diavazei efhmerida gia fwtografia, den 3erw giati gamietai ki exei akoma to prohgoumeno avatar

drouks @ 2 years ago

u are worst slark european union

drouks @ 2 years ago

when were u when ace is kill?
i was home eating brain fluid when
"ace is kill"
and u?!

RaleQ @ 3 years ago

Hello there. You up for some DotA sometime?
I'm back on the scene ~

drouks @ 3 years ago


drouks @ 4 years ago

allh douleia den exeis kai mou molyneis to profile?

drouks @ 4 years ago

allh douleia den exeis kai mou molyneis to profile?

S1lv3r @ 4 years ago


uNv.dawidek- @ 4 years ago

oh i see...i thought u might be GGnet admin!!! hmm i dunno if im right or wrong...the fact is i was looking for some admin friends, cause i wanna introduce a new team to important leagues, like old Dota League, which had divisions 1,2,3. open to everyone, etc.
So, Pelatis was a good friend of mine i just dunno how to find him. anyway, i'm really interested to join to any serious league, with divisions to starts from the begining..

Cap.Crunch @ 4 years ago

how is this even possible, u saw that i hadnt logged in here for like 1month and u are posting on my wall instead of my fb wall?

im just here to write hatemails I will be gone after that again for a long time :D