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-Enna_Rascala- @ 5 years ago

Which team will win The International 2012?
- Moscow5

u mad??? hahahaha

-Enna_Rascala- @ 5 years ago

20 minutes, 41 seconds remaining :)

poser.heccy @ 5 years ago

yes srv_es, tell me why and ritter surprised us all =( this month is the hardest to predict! Plus SB on losing spree =(

ggnet.s @ 5 years ago


ggnet.s @ 5 years ago

you're spy huh?HAHA
Did you play Dota 2 btw?

ggnet.s @ 5 years ago

Don't think so.Everybody had the chance.Good luck btw

ngazirrrrrrrrrrrrr @ 5 years ago

Sorry, I'm not part of that process. Good luck!

poser.heccy @ 5 years ago

i dont think so. pritos also has 36-9 :)) i hope next month graphics card will be the first prize hehe

seiraeya @ 5 years ago

sir no stream I just see the picks at Pacific Facebook :(

matthe @ 6 years ago

next will be kuroky and then merlini