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Name Ren Vitug
Location Philippines, Manila
Primary Game Dota 2Dota 2
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SlashoE @ 3 years ago

Hi Ren. I've known you since the start as a ggnet crew. Were you involved in the pro scene before? Did you play for Pacific.E-sport?

unlovedpuppies @ 3 years ago

sent you a convo about what you asked for, pm me if you have any questions

melikitani @ 4 years ago

Hi. I would also like to add you in steam so that we can scrim with other teams that you're friends with. I have added you in steam. please accept :). we would really like to improve.

PSY123 @ 4 years ago

hi can you give me dota 2 beta key i really want to play dota 2 now
here my email:

lucasexisto @ 4 years ago

Im Jainer from team Noypi Willgates. Regarding the list of team for scrims.. i already add you in steam. my current name is Noypi | renJ. pls confirm my invitation

brameasy @ 4 years ago

oh ic, okay. btw what your skype and your steam name? thanks!

brameasy @ 4 years ago

how to join sea league? thanks

adazurc @ 4 years ago

asan na ung part 2 ng blog mo?

ataMmm @ 5 years ago

Enge po link ng lahat ng streams

ataMmm @ 5 years ago

wala pa rin news about sa bracket? :))