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Date of birth 1990-12-25 (26 years old)
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Tardhunter @ 5 years ago


Tardhunter @ 5 years ago

mods change ur pic

TheRaven @ 5 years ago

ahahahahah nice picture send to me

the_oatmeal @ 5 years ago

nice pic

Tardhunter @ 5 years ago

answr me fagyyt

Tardhunter @ 5 years ago

u have more pics of camwhore sayuri??

Hiero @ 5 years ago

What's her name?

real_ @ 5 years ago

did u think about me?

julianbaby @ 5 years ago

Hello dear
I am miss julian by name,
I wish i could get to know you for
it is my pleasure to have you as my friend
for a friend is all about Respect,,,Admiration and
Passion also friendship is consist of sharing of ideas and
showing true love without cheats,,,lies and betray and i have this my
feelings to share with you, so can we be good friends ?
i am miss julian by name. waiting to hear from you i will send you my picture
please reach me at ( now Remember the distance does not
matter what matters is the love we share with each other.thanks,

raclimja @ 5 years ago

that pic,

could you send me high resolution and more pics? :D