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Name Aydin Sen
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Date of birth 1980-02-12 (37 years old)
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Artunit @ 6 years ago

Ok mate thanks !

Artunit @ 6 years ago

Hey mate I submitted a nice high masters game for less known players ( Cr1sty ). But it seems didn't got accepted. Did you guys actually watched it?

mikoel @ 6 years ago

excuse me, can you detele my last replay vs bratok? i dont give any permission to upload. thank you.

rEd- @ 6 years ago

hey...I saw that u accept Sc2 replays here...I have some masters games of spanshwa...din see any on gg.net..I uploaded 1 of them...if ur gonna accept ill post some more..or u dont post public games?if not nvm..so let me know asap..ciao

AQality @ 7 years ago

Sen nerlerdesin yaa sc2 ye mi geçtin direk :D dotayı bırakmayı nasıl başardın :DD