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Name Hai Nam Nguyen
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insertcoolname @ 6 years ago

enjoy your lock =D

Acential @ 6 years ago

and then why did they beat EHOME in WDC ?
Huh ? Enjoy your lock kiddo

taeyeonshii @ 6 years ago


Acential @ 6 years ago

Sorry but agressive dota like DTS Navi and the old Lost can beat china ...

Acential @ 6 years ago

stop having kiddy excuses ...
they caught them out of their plan obviously the chinesse players have never played against tiny so they didnt know to respond
its simple.

Acential @ 6 years ago

Well check Lost vs where Vigoss
HUMILIATED him with tiny v 6.68

devilnam @ 6 years ago

they just deleted my tangoes :(

GodRapeTheMall @ 6 years ago

nice...2 vneses in top gosu better =)

ariare @ 7 years ago

l2openspoilers pls