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Name Michale Lalor
Location United States, Racine, WI
Date of birth 1990-02-04 (27 years old)
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Phntm- @ 3 years ago

have you covered LoL VU Changes yet? I haven't seen the news yet.

lovereal @ 4 years ago

My name is Miss Victoria
i saw your profile now
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Passenger @ 5 years ago

thx )

Passenger @ 5 years ago

who won? CLG or mMe?

Passenger @ 5 years ago

unclosed underline tag was fixed :P

ShockeR_40 @ 5 years ago

there are so many bad players right now that being bad is not something weird.. :P

you can find many people to practice to on ICC :D

You should really consider playing sometimes !

Cheers bro !

ShockeR_40 @ 5 years ago

I see you have "BW forever" in your account..

why dont you still play ?

you can you know.. its free.. and BW needs all people it can get ! ;)

cheers !

Eresea @ 5 years ago

Yep it's afternoon alright :D Yeah you've been a member for a long long time :P 2 years longer than me actually ^^ almost anyway :P

No worries at all, im here to help if i can :)

About mazor, no he aint really around..i dont think he's been online for like a year. raistlin took over after him but since raist is studying now, tjernobylbarnet (linus) is now our new "mazor" :P

Eresea @ 5 years ago

hahaha :D Glad I could help ^_^ Ohh that's awesome. If you need a proofreader, poke me :) I'm not only moderation team leader, i proofread news as well for ppl ^^ if they ask :P

I'll deffo read the news anyway! :D Even though I dont play LoL myself. Also if you need any help feel free to tell me :)

It's hard to find old gg.net members on the site nowadays heh..im glad some of us exist :D

Eresea @ 5 years ago

haha I see my 3 year old post here in your guestbook xD Aye Tbh my memory hasnt been the best the last 2-3 years so cant say I remember 100% but i do remember the name! :D Welcome to the crew! What team are you on? :D Awesome to be working with you!