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Name He Who Must Not Be Named
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zerov- @ 3 years ago

now, you are american ?

Crush3d @ 4 years ago

I'm trying to imagine how noob are you if you have around 50% winrate on NA. lel

Crush3d @ 4 years ago

Let's go dude. 1 million RMB are waiting us..

iwantmyaccountback @ 4 years ago

Lol , no. Not a lurker. I stop watchin' dota when IG bought LGD.

This was my account then ,
Currently retrieving it so I can join the forum again.

iwantmyaccountback @ 4 years ago

Even though I'm a long time member. I never thought of reading your name as Count Chocula . @@ I've always read it as something like Cthulhu. :D

dimethyltryptamine @ 4 years ago

Oh. I thought you are going to translate some Chinese article :p. Nice to hear that you are working on it on your own. Though it was still kind of gank era, real farming began in late 50's and early 60's :)

dimethyltryptamine @ 4 years ago

Part 7 - Lessons in Farming: The 6.52 Era <= Coming soon!

when? :D

Hiero @ 4 years ago

Just reading this thread http://gosugamers.net/dota2/thread/999163/start/0, acknowledging time/effort you put in to reply Azarkon & wondering why you would do it? I think it's more than dead obvious that he is an attention-seeking-troll.

zerov- @ 4 years ago

dude, do you know any video with Ferrari, Yao, Xiao8, First person view ? yyf too if u mind. :D

Rufio- @ 4 years ago

searched ctchocula in dotabuff and blue knight turned up aside from nincompoop ctcockchula