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Name Jiawei Lin
Location Netherlands, Groningen
Date of birth 1990-01-24 (27 years old)
Primary Game DotADotA
Status Offline
Registered 7 years, 18 weeks ago
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TUTILUTAS @ 4 years ago

sounds like board better snow on flow

TUTILUTAS @ 4 years ago

u good boardsnow? @ 5 years ago

steam id:reqlimax nick DEMON

Zarj @ 5 years ago

Steam ID : shako_1991

Nick : Pure

Zarj @ 5 years ago

still cannot find you,damn steam.

Zarj @ 5 years ago

Hey,cant find you on Steam.

Nivrek- @ 6 years ago

1 big shiny star to 4 small stars.

176.XM @ 6 years ago

I often play pubs , but sometimes i play captains mode

Exeter_Lei @ 6 years ago

hi, toki, i give u a link, which is a Chinese pub game, Witch Doctor played by Mrow with 270 ping, very interesting video, u could watch it when u have dinner

Exeter_Lei @ 6 years ago

u got warned ? hahaha

yeah, WGT will be held very soon with all pro Chinese teams

congratulations to me , bro, EHOME dominated the wolrd!