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Name Sumedh Shah
Location India
Date of birth 1994-05-02 (23 years old)
Primary Game DotADotA
Status Offline
Registered 7 years, 17 weeks ago
Last Seen 3 years, 15 weeks ago


shreyuz @ 5 years ago

Hi...just wanted to check if you have a bet key with you bro

Zoomer @ 5 years ago

Send me ur steam id...... Mine is Zoomer (

rko31692 @ 5 years ago

y0 inertiater.

_PEACE_ @ 5 years ago

Hey Pro..:)

kickflip.master @ 5 years ago

hey add me on steam . i sent you a request .

Zeyall @ 6 years ago

There is no date so far :)

Zoomer @ 6 years ago

will b playin in india room of rgc between 7 to 8

Zoomer @ 6 years ago

mine is ngp.zoomer, have not found u playin that much on rgc...

Zoomer @ 6 years ago

mind telling me ur rgc nick

TMC.ArtStyle @ 6 years ago

yeoy wats ur GG n RGC id :D