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cookiemonster_ @ 4 years ago

hey, can you fix this gosubet error:
G-1 League : LGD.int vs DK
its said : Internal Server Error (error code 500)

lutz @ 5 years ago

Not working :(

<img src="http:www.imagelink.com" title="whatevertextyouwantonmouseover"> <- Like this?

I tried to post it, but it's only shows the text, not image

lutz @ 5 years ago

How you put image on you profile, i tried to use [.img]link[/img]
It showed at my profile, but if your mouse point at the image, it not show the image name..

i.e you have favorite player and hero on your profile, and when you point the china flag with your mouse, it shown "China". Same as Storm Spirit, when you point to that image, it shown "Storm Spirit"

cwmassacre @ 5 years ago

dear kurtcos,
thx once again for helping me out with my password problem, if i ever get MM-ed with u in dota 2 i'll auto-commend u haha

Neolution @ 5 years ago

Dear Kurt

Could you do us a favor I'm Satean from Neolution Esport

Bros Could you help me to update information
Now we have New Rosters and They Play under Neolution Esport Contact Gosu gamers didn't update this team

... but to Update the Old Tell me why it is only three preson from Tell me Why come to Neolution esport

Would you please move all DSG Tournament to Neolution esport (old)
and it s not old we still used this one we don't want to lost the sats and Title we got before can uyou combine I can get Tell me Why threee person to confirm this
Our New Line Up is

Pleasee ^^

Magnolia @ 5 years ago

I think you should bump the news about TheGDStudio since it's live now.

EPicFAcePLant @ 5 years ago

question, how did you put youtube videos on your profile?

iMar @ 5 years ago

thanks for the updates kurtcos, by the way, is there any chance you have a spare dota 2 beta key?

Cheppy @ 5 years ago

kurt, I have an interview with FM|BABARRR ... Can you post it ASAP?

ngazirrrrrrrrrrrrr @ 5 years ago

Panda interview is really interesting.