Team Profile - Team Solomid

Tag: TSM
Win rate:
Clan: Team Solomid
Game: LoL Members: 6

Team Roster


Name: Brian Wyllie
Age: 25 (November 25, 1988)


Name: Andy Dinh
Age: 22 (April 19, 1992)


Name: Alex Chu
Age: 21 (August 12, 1992)


Name: Marcus Hill
Age: 2 (March 30, 2012)


Name: Jason Tran
Age: (unknown)


Age: 18 (February 21, 1996)



Team SoloMid was created in 2011 with the starting roster of use Saintvicious, Feedfest, Chaox, TheOddOne, and Locodoco.

The finalized roster going into Season 1 was Xpecial, OddOne, Chaox, TheRainMan, and TSM founder, Reginald.  Through much success in season 1 placing 3rd at the World Championship, TSM has proven themselves on the world scene.

Now, with their current roster, Team SoloMid hails the throne for the top team in North America,  consistently placing 1st in their region.  

Much of this is attributed to the fact that they were the first North American League of Legends team to acquire a gaming house and set up an emulated environment to those in South Korean gaming houses.  They've had the assistance of coaches and mentors which would pave the way for professionalism to be accomplished for other North American and some European teams.

Today, SoloMid boasts one of the most consistent rosters having not switched members after Season 1 more than once and practicing with their current members at hand.  Solomid is also famous for giving back to their community, having been incredibly popular streamers.  This is done via lessons, videos, and content on their youtube channel to make the first vlogging and RealityTV show emulated environment for progamers in the west.


= 3rd NESL Premier Season 1

= 2nd ESL Major Series VIII

= 3rd NESL Premier Season 2

1st Leaguecraft ggClassic

= 1st ReignofGaming International Invitational

= 1st GIGABYTE Esports Lan=

= 4th Elite of Europe

= 2nd MLG Summer Arena

= 3rd Dreamhack 2011 S1 Championship

= 2nd IEM VI - Cologne

= 3rd MLG 2011 Raleigh

=  4th IPL 3 - Atlantic City

= 7th-8th IEM VI - New York

= 1st MLG 2011 - Providence

= 2nd IEM VI - KIev

= 7th-8th IEM VI - World Championship

= 1st IPL4 - Las Vegas

1st MLG 2012 - Spring Championship

= 1st IPL Face Off: San Francisco Showdown

= 1st Season Two North American Regionals

= 5th-8th Season 2 World Championship

= 5th-6th 2012 MLG Fall Championship