LoL articles

An Interview with P1 Stunt

We got together for an interview with William 'Stunt' Chen after his first week of performances with Phoenix1. He told us what it's like playing for a professional League squad, and gave us a look into the work it takes to play at a top level.


LCK Week 9:Against Expectations

The penultimate week of the LCK see our teams battle for spots in the gauntlet and out of relegation as this week’s matches feature adjacent teams on the ladder.


The NALCS Playoff Picture

There's only one week left in the regular season, and the playoff rush is looking to be quite an interesting one. We're going to take a look at all the teams that are locked in at the top, as well as those battling for the bottom seeds.


The New Breed: Team Liquid in Week 7

Team Liquid made a ton of changes in the past two weeks. We're going to look at the new dynamic as they make a push for playoffs and attempt to avoid relegation in this split.