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Jinx PentaKill - by XFADIX

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Jinx PentaKill - by XFADIX
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LeBlanc Outplay - by SKT T1 DanBlue
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Long Fight In Enemy Jungle
Space Dragon Inside A Catfish
A Slow And Painful Death
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Great First Blood For Us
Yasuo Ace - by Big Poppa
Cute Poppy Play
NA Diamond level 1 Lucian Penta
Top 3 Kills No. 260
Top 3 Kills No. 261
2 vs. 2 Teamfight UK Masters Summer '17 - Playoffs - MnM vs. nerdRagePro.
Flame Teleport Turns Around Early Game
Thresh Play - by SHC WNxlooky
Thresh Madlife Hook - by SHC WNxlooky
Top 3 Kills No. 258
Top 3 Kills No. 257
Doesn't Carter Just ... UK Masters Summer '17 - Playoffs - MnM vs. nerdRagePro
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Dunk Enemy Carry
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