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The Stats Corner for April is here, and what you see might surprise you!



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Usually, I would go for some short text here but I will keep it even tighter this month since most of the major changes are visible from the graphs below and are also discussed in text further down the article. What I want to point out is our new section, namely the "Month-to-month" variations which debut in this feature to illustrate the five most tangible rises and drops in champions' win, pick, ban and contested rates.
A total of 253 games from the tournaments listed below were examined to gather the data • LCS NA Spring Group Stage • LCS NA Spring Playoffs • LCS EU Spring Group Stage • LCS EU Spring Playoffs • OGN The Champions Spring • Tencent LPL Spring • StarsWar League • GPL Spring Enjoy!

Most picked: Lulu falls from #1

Looking back to the month of March, things haven’t changed much in the sense of what’s played in today’s meta. Luckily, there are a few exceptions so that we have something to write about and not make you stare into just graphs. First and foremost, we see Lulu losing its first place throne at the Most picked, dropping almost 30 points and giving the throne to Sona, most likely due to her recent nerfs to Glitterlance and Whimsy.
Kayle has also gone out of favor after the hit to her ultimate casting range, making the use of Intervention that much more difficult, the no damage amplification change to Reckoning (as well as the slow percentages) as well as the removal of her magic resist per level, making her way more counterable in mid. Over at the first picked graph, we say goodbye to Xin Zhao and Vi (having also suffered nerf in 3.03), who stepped away to allow Nasus and Volibear to climb up.


Most banned and most contested: So long, Kayle

Because of the reasons listed above, the hatred towards Kayle has evaporated and she’s nowhere to be seen, followed by Xin Zhao. With those spots now freed up, we mostly see a shuffle in other champions’ positions as well as the return of Diana to the hate-corner, having made her way to both mid and top lanes although with moderate success.


Win rates (for champions picked > 11)

Graves? What? GRAVES?! Yes, Graves indeed. Apparently, while being off the radar for the most part, Graves has been winning the few games he was a part of and has a 12 out of 15 success rate. It’s not the 100% Evelynn win rate from IPL 5 but it’s something, right? Unfortunately, this also concludes the interesting part of the Top 10, since the rest is mostly filled with usual suspects. Irelia has had a significant increase of +14 percent points and is second in the table with 73%, again proving how she will deliver more often than not. On the other side, we see the reason why nobody plays Vi and Kayle anymore (and with full right).
With 17% and 27% respectively, it looks like the days of those champions are over until either a metagame shift commences or the development team takes it to heart to revert them to a more powerful state. Lux and the regular Orianna and there to make them company. Only champions above the pick rate median have been examined)


Month-to-month variations

Now, this is our newest section so I want to make one important note: The numbers in the first graphs (Top 5 win rate increased/decreases) represent the geometrical and not arithmetical change of the explored statistics. What does that mean? Let’s say a Champion X has had a 40% win rate in March and 60% win rate in April.
The arithmetical increase involves simple subtraction, yielding a result of +20 percent points (60% - 40% = an increase of 20 percent points). However, we’re more interested in how many times has champion’s success increased/decreased and so we calculate the percentile increase between the new and the old number, giving us a result of 50%: (60-40)/40 = 0.5 or 50% Similarly, a drop from 60% to 40% would give (40-60)/60 = -0.33 or -33%.


Where was it played? The game with the rare picks

Full stats for April 2013



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