Ranking Variance from Q1 to Q2

Posted by Michale "DreXxiN" Lalor 1 year, 50 weeks ago

Something bound to happen in any competitive event is the fall and rise of heroes and new stars. Rankings will shift around and sometimes it can be fun to compare them and see how your favorite team has done.








Something bound to happen in any competitive event is the fall and rise of heroes and new stars. Rankings will shift around and sometimes it can be fun to compare them and see how your favorite team has done. Have they been consistent or have they hit a peak and dwindled away? Let's take a look at how things have fluctuated since the beginning of the first quarter of the year. So how are GosuRankings calculated? GosuRankings work very similary to your typical 'MMR' or 'Elo' system. We've recorded pretty much every match since the start of the Season 2 World Championships into our GosuBet system and the results of the game progress the teams upwards or downards based on results. Like in a ladder, a team will gain more elo defeating a stronger team and lose more elo if defeated at the hands of a weaker team. Something also taken into consideration of the algorithms is the importance of the events. For an exxagerated example, if Team FXOpen were to theoretically defeat World Elite in the World Championships, they'd gain a lot more than if they were to defeat them in a Go4LoL Qualifier. If you wish to look at the full rankings and see how teams have fluctuated within the system and who they've won or lost against to gain their points, feel free to visit the LoL rankings page. With that said, here are some interesting facts to look at in accordance to the way teams have shifted around since January. End of January
Beginning of April
http://gosugamers.net/general/images/2013/april/beginning%20of%20feb%20rankings2.PNG" border="0">April1strankings2.png
Fun Facts
Consistently strong:
WE.jpgIt would be foolish to put anyone but World Elite in this position. For even longer than this quarter of the year, World Elite has held first place and, as noted in the above pictures, no one has even come close to their Elo. Two close candidates would also be NaJin Sword and Taipei Assassins due to teams such as CJ Frost, CJ Blaze, and Gambit Gaming being much more fluctuant with their rankings. Gambit Gaming made several shifts after having somewhat inconsistent performance near the beginning of the LCS and Frost/Blaze due to their performance in international tournaments -- most recently of which, CJ Blaze defeating CJ Frost at the Intel Extreme Masters World Championships.
Most shocking change:
CLG.jpgCounter Logic Gaming, once consistently holding strong in the top 20 and even being the top ranked NA team in the beginning of the year, now finds itself nearly falling off the list. In fact, up until a somewhat decent comeback in performance, they were off the front page. It's insane to think that once the best team in the world in its infancy was not even considered top 30. Luckily, they seem to be making quick improvement. A close second would be Evil Geniuses, who at one point were also part of Counter Logic Gaming.
Consistent or Stagnant
CRS.jpgFor teams that have not really altered too much from their previous positions (+1 to -1 variance), the only teams that really fit this category is Curse Gaming and KT Rolster B. Both teams (aside from the top 3) are the only to meet the prerequisites of this role and even though they have been performing incredibly well for their regions, their ratings lay stagnant. Still, should these teams stay on their path and improve even further, we could see further Korean domination as well as a top 10 North American team; Curse is very close to accomplishing top 10, with KT Rolster B waiting to get a taste of the top ranked teams. Will they falter or grow even stronger?
Teams to Look Out For
SK.jpgTeams that are on the rise and are looking to impress include Singapore Sentinels, Team Solomid, SK Gaming, Millenium, and though not dictated by the ranking change listed but are on the upswing, Copenhagen Wolves. Most noteably worth mentioning are SK Gaming and Millenium. SK Gaming has found great success in the LCS by maintaining top three and Millenium has been climbing regardless of not being in the LCS. Millenium also ended up putting the greatest fight against CJ Frost at the IEM World Championships.
Regional Strength
Top 10 teams by Region
Top 10 teams by Date
End of JanuaryBeginning of April
Korea: 4Korea: 4
Europe: 3Europe: 2
China: 2China: 2
SEA: 1SEA: 2
United States: 0United States: 0
Top 30 teams by Region
Top 30 teams by Date
End of JanuaryBeginning of April
Korea: 7Korea: 9
Europe: 7Europe: 8
United States: 7United States: 4
China: 5China: 5
SEA: 4SEA: 4
As it would appear numerically the Koreans and Europeans are having a much better period at this time of the year. North America has yet to break a top 10 slot but Curse Gaming is just an inch away. Though numerically equivalent in both categories, China has been showing much stronger play, with the teams that actually do represent their region proving to be some of the most powerful teams in the game.
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