IEM WC Predictions - Hear it from the players

Posted by Michale "DreXxiN" Lalor 2 years, 6 weeks ago



The teams are as strong as ever and there's no way to predict a winner right off the bat in this year's IEM World Championship. The best teams from all over the world who have had astonishing performances all year in Intel Extreme Masters events are all joined together in one conglomerate tournament and all of them are thirsting for blood (and victory.) Since we can't figure it out ourselves either, we thought we'd talk to some of the players and media about what they thought.
tabzzprediction.jpegMill.Tabzz "I just want to kill Froggen 1v1" angush.jpegMill.Angush "For Group A, IM and Blaze will make it 100%, the third place can literally go to anybody. For Group B, SKT and Frost are 100% certain too. As for the whole tournament, honestly, if we make it out of the group we can take it all. I’m serious." Imsofreshpreview.jpgMill.ImSoFresh "The tournament is impossible to predict, really. Any team can beat any other on a good day, yet I expect Koreans to be most dominant." soazprediction.jpegFnatic.sOAZ "I don't feel like we are really 'prepared' for this event because we are mostly practicing for LCS and we didn't really have time to train for it, but I think we have good chances to pass groups and after that it will be easier to study our opponents and do strategies against them. In my opinion it will be a really interesting event 'cause there are 4 Asian teams and we are not really 'used to' playing against them, even though I don't think they're the best teams in Asia. If I needed to do a top 3 for IEM worlds without saying 1st etc I would say Fnatic of course, Gambit and either SK or SK telecom. Both groups will be close." oceloteprediction.jpegSK.Ocelote "I honestly think my team has chances to do pretty good. We are working really hard in not committing the same mistakes we've been committing the last years. All of us are performing incredibly individually and as a team. This is starting to work, Finally." mokattepreview.jpgmYm.Mokatte "Its very very hard to predict anything at Hannover. There are so many good teams and so many matches to be played. For group A, I can see GG, Fnatic and Blaze at top. I dont think that IM or Pain can do anything about that. Millenium may be a dark horse here but they seem to under-perform at offline events so they will have to play their 120% to think about advancing. Group B may be totally random, though. I believe that every team beside Anexis can end up at the top. Frost are coming as big favorites here and hopefully we will be one of remaining 2 teams that advance further on. Based on IEM Cologne experience, SKT are the ones that may surprise us the most, coming even 5-0 or failing to advance to the Playoffs. Even though we had a hard time practicing lately due to daily DDoS attacks, we managed to fix our problems finally and now are doing our best to prepare enough in order to end up in top 3 of Group B." Jon@Lolportal "For Group A, I expect Gambit to top the group on their current form (they're on a 10 game tournament winning streak), with Fnatic and CJ Entus Blaze securing the remaining qualifying spots, even though both have looked vulnerable in their latest domestic matches. Millenium or Incredible Miracle could take a game off the top three, but it will be tough for them to string together enough to qualify, especially with the roster changes that IM recently went through. Group B is much more wide open in terms of who will take first place in the group. Too tough to call who will top the group, but if I had to pick, I'd go with Frost due to Evil Geniuses' recent losses in LCS. I'll trust my LoLPortal team rating calculations and put Frost, EG, and SK Gaming through on qualification. SKT T1 have been in a pretty big slump ever since Katowice. Meet Your Makers, on a good day, have shown they can give even the best teams in the world a tough challenge, but they're inconsistent. Anexis is the weakest in this group on paper, and might have a rough day of matches."


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