LCS Week 3: Gods meet gods

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev 2 years, 8 weeks ago


Two old rivals meet up once again in week 3 of the LCS, giving us something to definitely look out for.



GosuRankings Click here for WEEK 2 rankings Click here for full rankings NOTE: The number in the first parentheses shows team's position in the overall GosuRankings. The number in the second parentheses shows the climb/fall compared to last week's standings. 1. 38px-GambitLogo_std.pngGambit Gaming (#5) (+1) 2. 38px-Fnaticlogo_std.pngFnatic (#6) (-1) 3. 38px-Crslogo_std.pngTeam Curse (#8) (-) 4. 38px-Eglogo_std.pngEvil Geniuses (#11) (-) 5. 38px-Clglogo_std.pngCounter Logic Gaming (#12) (-) 6. 38px-Dignitaslogo_std.pngTeam Dignitas (#14) (+2) 7. 38px-Tsmlogo_std.pngTeam Solimid (#16) (-1) 8. 38px-Giantslogo_std.pngGIANTS! Gaming (#23) (-1) 9. 38px-Dragonbornlogo_std.pngDragonborns (#24) (+1) 10. 38px-Sklogo_std.pngSK Gaming (#31) (-1) 11. 38px-Complexitylogo_std.png Complexity (#35) (+1) 12. 38px-Aaalogo_std.pngAgainst All Authority (#36) (+1) 13. 38px-TeamMRNlogo_std.pngTeam MRN (#48) (-2) 14. 38px-Teamvulcunlogo_std.pngVulcun (#178) (+1) 15. 38px-CHWLogo_std.pngCopenhagen Wolves (#192) (-1) 16. 38px-GGULogo_std.pngGood Game University (#219) (-) Media poll rankings Media representatives: R. Kolev (GosuGamers), J. Cady (ESFI World), D. Steiner (GameZone), A. LeFleur (MOBAFire), T. Gafford (GameSpot), MoonBear (TeamLiquid), Z. Mazzotta (Machinima) Source 1. 38px-Crslogo_std.pngTeam Curse (-) 2. 38px-Eglogo_std.pngEvil Geniuses (-) 3. 38px-Clglogo_std.pngCounter Logic Gaming (-) 3. 38px-GambitLogo_std.pngGambit Gaming (+2) 5. 38px-Sklogo_std.pngSK Gaming (+1) 6. 38px-Dignitaslogo_std.pngTeam Dignitas (+3) 7. 38px-Tsmlogo_std.pngTeam Solimid (+1) 8. 38px-Fnaticlogo_std.pngFnatic (-4) 9. 38px-GGULogo_std.pngGood Game University (+1) 10. 38px-Giantslogo_std.pngGIANTS! Gaming (-3) 11. 38px-Dragonbornlogo_std.pngDragonborns (+1) 12. 38px-CHWLogo_std.pngCopenhagen Wolves (+2) 13. 38px-Aaalogo_std.pngAgainst All Authority (-1) 14. 38px-Complexitylogo_std.png Complexity (-1) 15. 38px-Teamvulcunlogo_std.pngVulcun (-) 16. 38px-TeamMRNlogo_std.pngTeam MRN (-) North American circuit Written by: Aegyo & Drexxin


DAY ONE 38px-Clglogo_std.pngCLG vs Vulcun38px-Teamvulcunlogo_std.png38px-Crslogo_std.pngCurse vs GGU38px-GGULogo_std.png38px-Clglogo_std.pngCLG vs Dignitas38px-Dignitaslogo_std.png38px-Complexitylogo_std.png coL vs Vulcun38px-Teamvulcunlogo_std.png
DAY TWO 38px-TeamMRNlogo_std.pngMRN vs GGU38px-GGULogo_std.png38px-Clglogo_std.pngCLG vs coL 38px-Complexitylogo_std.png38px-TeamMRNlogo_std.pngMRN vs Vulcun38px-Teamvulcunlogo_std.png38px-GGULogo_std.pngGGU vs coL 38px-Complexitylogo_std.png


Dignitaslogo_std.pngDIGNITAS vs CLGClglogo_std-pic.png
February 22nd, 00:00 CET

Two old rivals meet up once again in week 3 of the LCS, giving us something to definitely look out for. CLG who did not play last week is now well rested after an amazing start in week 1 blowing out teams left and right until meeting up Curse Gaming. On the other side we have Dignitas who showed a poor showing in week 1, but came out in week 2 like starved wolves. This is a game to definitely catch for these two teams can play varying unorthodox strategies at any time. While CLG is definitely the fan favorites to win, after a week long break will this be the same team that was stomping teams in week 1? Dignitas on the other hand has been red hot and are now currently on a 4 game win streak. Dignitas has been riding on the old Moscow 5 “See Champion, Kill Champion” and it has done them well. CLG will really have to play their A game to pull themselves out of the hole in this match. This weekend, we will witness a clash between two beasts to see which one will remain standing at the end. Expect the key match-ups to come from bot lane where we will see if Doublelift and Aphromoo can overcome the new ultra aggressive Patoy and Imaqtpie. This lane will feature some very impressive trades and most likely will feature some targeted bans as well. The second lane that we will have to watch carefully will be Scarra vs L1nk. Scarra has started to show teams that his Diana is something that everyone should watch out for. While L1nk had a great start, he has been inconsistent, however with this week long break to reflect on the nerves we should start to see the bold L1nk that is always showcased on streams. Scarra will definitely need to try to put the team on his back again like a captain should, while L1nk will do everything he can to null whatever Scarra does.


GGULogo_std.pngGGU vs COMPLEXITY Complexitylogo_std.pngFebruary 23rd, 05:00 CET

As much as we enjoy groveling at the feet of the teams embracing their super stardom, everyone loves to hear a successful underdog story and so far these teams have shown the best potential thus far for doing so. Though we haven't seen much out of Complexity, we've without a doubt witnessed solid play and the hardest fights against the "reigning four" over the North American scene. While their current record in the LCS is nothing to boast about, Good Game University has put up the fiercest of battles to these competitors dragging them all out to excruciatingly close games. They may be lagging a bit behind, but have showcased that through blood sweat and tears that they can stand tall among the kings residing in North America. Complexity, on the other hand, made it through the qualifiers as "The Brunch Club." Picked up by a world famous sponsor right away for their impressive efforts, the team makes a staggering reappearance at the LCS by immediately picking up a gaming house and establishing a strict training regimen, hustling the essential work ethic and determination a youthful professional gaming team will need to bounce out on top in the most important series of matches of any single one of these player's lives. Although Complexity was already seen dropping a game, it is no disappointment to drop a game to the current NA titans that are Curse Gaming. It was anyone's game and Complexity had put up a fierce fight more than likely to topple any of the other underdogs who have engaged in the LCS thus far. Not only do they have the pressure of holding up their end of the bargain for their prestigious sponsor, but they have something to prove after showing dedication that only the most privileged of participants showcase. A lot of members of the underdog scene have banded together to make this possible including the most noticeably recognizable jungler Lautemortis, who has become somewhat of a celebrity. However, will they be able to stand toe-to-toe with Good Game University? GGU has had a lot more experience in the LCS so far, throwing in more games, fighting an uphill battle to those reigning the throne and even showing that they can defeat the likes of Vulcun utilizing two substitute players as well as switching their top player, ZionSpartan, down to the middle lane where he showed he could play quite prominently and effectively. If anything is for certain, Good Game University has shown itself a spectacle in the realm of being flexible with the roster being able to fulfill a handful of roles a piece and players like NintendudeX pulling out the long extinct and underutilized Trundle back from the grave. But will they be able to keep up their consistently adequate performance, or will Complexity have a trick up their sleeve to take this home and show that they are another big player on the field of elites? European circuit Written by: Nydra

DAY ONE 38px-CHWLogo_std.pngCHW vs Fnatic38px-Fnaticlogo_std.png38px-GambitLogo_std.pngGG vs Giants38px-Giantslogo_std.png38px-Aaalogo_std.pngaAa vs CHW38px-CHWLogo_std.png38px-Eglogo_std.pngEG vs Fnatic38px-Fnaticlogo_std.png
DAY TWO 38px-Dragonbornlogo_std.pngDB vs Giants38px-Giantslogo_std.png38px-Fnaticlogo_std.pngFnatic vs aAa38px-Aaalogo_std.png38px-Dragonbornlogo_std.pngDB vs CHW38px-CHWLogo_std.png38px-Giantslogo_std.pngGiants vs aAa38px-Aaalogo_std.png


Eglogo.pngEVIL GENIUSES vs FNATICFnaticlogo_std.pngFebruary 23rd, 21:00 CET

For a long time now, the cream of the crop in the European scene has been these two teams: Evil Geniuses and Fnatic (well, technically, Gambit are also there but they’re just in the way of me making a point so let’s close our eyes just for this one, shall we?) This makes it even stranger how after 16 LCS matches of all sorts, they still haven’t played each other. We’ve featured EG in every LCS write-up thus far (not because of impartialness but because they’re so amazingly good) but it is only on Saturday that they face their greatest challenge yet. They played Gambit and it was a stomp. They played several of the lesser teams and it was a stomp. They played SK and it was either a stomp or a very close loss. This being said, what do Fnatic really bring to the table that can stand up to EG’s powerfists? In middle, Froggen the farm machine faces xPeke the master of backdoors in a match-up that is so close it literally cannot be put to words. Snoopeh and Cyanide have also been around for ages and who’s the better jungler between them is a dispute we can lead for days. This leaves bot and top as the lanes where the game will be won or lost. Fnatic are bringing in sOAZ, arguably the best top laner in Europe and are pitting him against who is considered (rather foolishly, I’d say) the weaker link in EG – Wickd. On the other hand, though, Yellowpete and his Varus combined with literally anything that Krepo picks are enough to singlehandedly carry out a game and from what we’ve seen in past games, the nRated/Yellowstar duo for Fnatic is a bit behind in strength. Whatever the outcome, however, this looks like a good match to carry on the tradition of the European LCS being way more entertaining that the American.


Dragonbornlogo_std.pngDRAGONBORNS vs GIANTS!Giantslogo_std.pngFebruary 24th, 18:00 CET

If EG/Fnatic is a battle between leaders, Dragonborns vs Giants is one between underdogs. Giants already conquered Gambit Gambing and skyrocketed themselves into community’s attention and obliterated Copenhagen Wolves to show that it’s mostly the top four teams they have troubles against. Jimbowns is slowly but surely building up his reputation of AD carry who will take a dump on your childhood dreams using champions from the terra incognita part of the pool, whether it’s AD Kennen or a quadra-killing Ashe. If Giants came in as the ultimate dark horse, they are now marching towards making their namesake proud. Against them stand Shushei’s Dragonborns, who will be playing their third match for the season. A loss to EG but a win against SK puts them on the zero points balance but at that point this is very much irrelevant: they know they can crush the big boys so stealing the icecream from the “little kids” should be an easier task. With all that being said, though, expect the sickest mind games and target banning in the lobby. GIANTS will not want to give Lux to Shushei after what he did to SK last week and they’ll want to keep Draven away from Hosan too. On the other hand, what do you actually take away from Jimbownz? Do you allow Morden to have Dr. Mundo? Should they neglect Exterminare’s Wukong? These are all questions that Dragonborn needs to answer before they go against the Spaniards.

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