Interview with I Pla W Pencils: I had to Prove them Wrong

Posted by Michale "DreXxiN" Lalor 2 years, 24 weeks ago
Today, GosuGamers sits down and has a talk with the inspiring, charitable gentleman by the name of Edward 'I pla w pencils' Leatherman. Not your ordinary fellow, this player, after having had an injury that would leave him paralyzed from the waist down and also taking away mobility of his wrists, fingers, and tricepts, does not let that get in the way of his passion. The activities he's capable of doing with his limitations are staggering as he tackles the things he loves in a "no excuse" attitude and brings hopes to thousands of others in situations like his own; thus, paving the way for others to not let any detriment become an obstacle between themselves and the things they love.

First off, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to sit down with Gosugamers and answer some questions! Now from what I understand, you also help others like yourself reach out to continue their passions. Which thought made you decide that you want to allocate serious amounts of time and effort to help challenged people play?

Well, I don't assist only in playing, but maybe making life a bit easier to live for them. I decided this
after long amounts of time spent teaching myself, I decided it might be nice for others to have a basis or
guideline to gaming with setbacks. Mainly I really just felt it would have greatly improved my experience in the hospital if I had someone tell me, "Hell yeah you can play against other people, and hell yeah you can figure it out."

Is there any constraint in selecting champions that you're capable of playing? And if so,
which champions do you seem to have the most success with?

Hmm - Well, yes. I have noticed some champions are harder than others to play. Ahri, for example, is
difficult with her triple leap ult (pressing R three times can be tricky.) I play almost
20 champions often and can't say what I have the most success with, but Le Blanc is my go-to champion.

"I decided it might be nice for others to have a basis or guideline to gaming with setbacks."

That is a very impressive feat as she is quite mechanically difficult! Tell us about your favorite
professional player and what drove you to feel he stands out of the elite.

My favorite pro player is I Will Dominate; he has been a friend to me since I started streaming and helped
me learn a lot. He is also the jungler for Team Dignitas and I love roaming the jungle. I am not playing
to be a pro although that would be great. I'm playing because it's what I like to do and it challenges me
and it distracts me. It's also a great way of meeting people and communicating in a neutral environement about
what can sometimes be very touchy subjects.


A lot of pros lately mourn about the training/scrimming situation in NA. Do you feel this is a general
issue or do you agree that it's a problem that can be solved by the players themselves?

Well, honestly I think that each team has a manager and it's his/her job or the team's coordinator. I
don't know so much about the teams, but I do know that the players can also thrive to set up more scrims

If you were able to rework or rebalance a hero/item, what would you do and why?

Well, I would make Warmogs prenerf so I could go HAM with GP again, haha. Also, buff Le Blanc's creep farming
ability, please! In order to clear waves you must use ult...not cool.
Have you attended any events so far? Will we be able to meet you live and in person in 2013? If yes, where
do you think we will be able to?

Of course you will! I just recently visited Riot, as well as the Season 2 Finals in LA where I met all
the big names! I'm not sure where or when in 2013, but I'll be around and definitely make an appearance.


That is fantastic to hear! So shifting off the topic of LoL a little bit, are there any other games you
actively play aside from League of Legends?

Yes! Battlefield 3 I play every night as well as any other good FPS I come across, and of course RPGs.
Sadly, I haven't found a good one recently.

Tell us your most impressive moment of success in helping a disabled gamer.

I met someone through gaming that had issues medically that caused him to not be able to live
independantly or go out often or effectively. After a few months of working things out, he changed
the way he took care of things medically, and was able to go out even on his own. Now, he has a job and
is more independant because of this medical issue being taken care of.

That is truly touching, I'm sure he appreciates that greatly to this day. Are there any
major influences that define your success?

Yes, the people that said I would never succeed in my goal or play a certain champion or game or compete:
they are the reason I succeeded. I had to prove them wrong.

"They are the reason I succeeded. I had to prove them wrong."

And prove them wrong, you did. If you could give any tips to others struggling and aspiring to be like yourself, what would you tell them?

Time is key; getting through the hardest times makes you stronger. Never, ever give up on anything, ever.

Wiser words have never been spoken. Are there any last things you would like to state before we close this out?

Yes, thank you for being awesome and featuring me, thank you viewers! Nora and friends... Thank you, Gosugamers!!! And I would love to talk / help those out those out there that are in need.

* - I'm playing because it's what I like to do and it challenges me. It distracts me.

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Interviewer: Michale "DreXxiN" Lalor

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