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Infused Tt eSPORTS vs HonPortal

Posted by Babilicious
Added 2 years, 44 weeks ago
Event DreamHack Winter 2011 Groupstage
Map FoC
Patch 1.41
Player one Infused Tt eSPORTS
Player two HonPortal
Display winner

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DH Group A Match
Jeraziah ZephyrMagmusTorturer VindicatorMagebaneBehemothPlagueRider
Tundra [Infs]XoYnoZnU(Top)
DementedShaman [Infs]FearTheZap(Bot)
Electrician [Infs]Buch(Mid)
Valkyrie [Infs]AstonL(Bot)
Glacius [Infs]Peterpandam(Mid)
Midas [PORT]getviolator(Bot)
MasterOfArms [PORT]ChubbyChris2(Mid)
Ophelia [PORT]fajN`(Jungling)
Ra [PORT]Reelo(Top)
Rhapsody [PORT]zNEID(Top)

Match ID: 70049023
Mode: Banning Pick
Duration: 41:55


Current: 4.3 (4 votes)

Comments (Closed)

NorwayGunnar 2 years, 39 weeks ago
Reelo Ra OP...
Moldova, Republic ofZuko 2 years, 37 weeks ago
what? O_o
Peruzeta113 2 years, 25 weeks ago
LOL and HON = 0 coments

DOTA 2 every replay every game full coments

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