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Team EZ vs Lions

Posted by Fluz
Accepted by TooManySecrets
Added 3 years, 45 weeks ago
Event Lions Cup
Map FoC
Patch 1.16
Player one Team EZ
Player two Lions
Display winner

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Hellbringer [EZ]chu(Mid)
PollywogPriest [EZ]IsaacJewton(Mid)
FB [EZ]AngryTestie(Top)
Tempest [EZ]YoDa(Jungling)
Accursed [EZ]Bdiz(Top)
Magmus [LlON]Skyzoe(Top)
Pebbles [LlON]s4(Mid)
DementedShaman [LlON]Fittske(Bot)
Pharoah [LlON]Mynuts(Top)
CorruptedDisciple [LlON]jOnAsSoMfAn(Bot)

Match ID: 60824996
Mode: All Pick
Duration: 43:35
Uploader's Comments: 2nd game from the Bo3 Series Team EZ vs Lions from Lions CUP Quarter final !

Big plays from both team espieclly from Team EZ, really entertaining game, not a must see but should be viewed :D


Current: 7.3 (4 votes)

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Germanyaysse 3 years, 41 weeks ago
Chu <3 wink.gif

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