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xFin vs WHP5

Posted by TooManySecrets
Added 3 years, 2 weeks ago
Event DH MSI BEAT IT HoN Qualifier #3
Map FoC
Patch 1.16
Player one xFin
Player two WHP5
Display winner

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KotF OpheliaPlagueRiderTempest TundraHellbringerJeraziahAndromeda
CorruptedDisciple [xFin]wAyToSeXy(Top)
Soulstealer [xFin]PLAYTAWIN(Mid)
Magmus [xFin]ZzRicK(Top)
Hero_rhapsody [xFin]MaRiO`(Bot)
Kraken [xFin]`TC`(Bot)
Accursed [WHP5]Bdiz(Top)
Wildsoul [WHP5]AngryTestie(Jungling)
WretchedHag [EG]chu(Mid)
Torturer [WHP5]Korok(Top)
Bubbles [WHP5]YoDa(Bot)

Match ID: 59518047
Mode: Banning Pick
Duration: 20:12
Uploader's Comments: This is the 3rd and the last game of series.
The first two matches are: 59490609, 59502716 but I can't upload them because of technical issues. They're both very tensed and long - recommended to watch.


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