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Online Kingdom vs Negative.Impulse

Posted by Babilicious
Added 5 years, 45 weeks ago
Event Dreamhack Qualifiers Losers Bracket
Map FoC
Patch 1.16
Player one Online Kingdom
Player two Negative.Impulse
Display winner

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LB Semi Final
Valkyrie [OK]Mag1X(Top)
Soulstealer [OK]SemiJew(Mid)
Blacksmith [OK]Powzilla(Roaming)
Bubbles [OK]H4nn1(Bot)
Myrmidon [OK]Akke(Roaming)
Hammerstorm [Nimp]Revyy(Roaming)
DR [Nimp]Reelo(Top)
Gladiator [Nimp]ArchiTigeR(Roaming)
CorruptedDisciple [Nimp]jonassomfan(Mid)
Aluna [Nimp]Lumberjack`(Bot)

Match ID: 43960819
Mode: Banning Pick
Duration: 50:38


Current: 5.0 (2 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Netherlandshystrix 5 years, 44 weeks ago

everytime when i input the Match ID it says not recorded yet. and when i just open the file it doesnt show anything. could you help me with this?

edit: is it possible that the reason why i can't see it. is the re-roll that happend?

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