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SK Gaming vs Loaded

Posted by DocSmoothJew
Added 4 years, 9 weeks ago
Event Honcast Invitational
Map FoC
Patch 1.06
Player one SK Gaming
Player two Loaded
Display winner

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Honcast Invitational

Game Two
Madman Fayde ArachnaVindicator Chronos Soulstealer
PlagueRider GlaciusSoulReaper
Swiftblade ForsakenArcherAccursed Magmus
MoonQueenPharoah PuppetMaster
Swiftblade [SK]tabako(Top)
Glacius [SK]Blavo(Top)
PlagueRider [SK]Bdiz(Top)
MoonQueen [SK]AngryTestie(Mid)
ForsakenArcher [SK]Draskyl(Bot)
PuppetMaster [LOAD]YoDa(Top)
Magmus [LOAD]FujiApples(Top)
Pharoah [LOAD]bkid(Mid)
SoulReaper [LOAD]Dodo(Bot)
Accursed [LOAD]merc(Bot)

Match ID: 7768716
Mode: Banning Pick
Duration: 24:14


Current: 7.0 (1 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Germanypapaamidnite 4 years, 9 weeks ago
booooring... i wont even watch the 3rd. dwi vs msi was the acctual final imo.
Swedensladdetass 4 years, 9 weeks ago
What was LOAD thinking when they sent Puppet+Magmus top?
There is some ways to beat a tri-lane, during the laning phase.

1. You send a stronger tri-lande.
2. You make a quad-lane.
4. Win the other two lanes _hard_, and try to not die too much at the tri-lane.
You don't send your lategame carry with a melee ganker(that starts with 0.66 armor he will just torn to shreds), and expect it to do anything good. If they would have send Soul Reaper and Accursed top the most defensive lane in-game but still got kill potential. That would have been a better strategic move to do.
And the middle lane, Pharaoh farmed a little better then MQ. But still MQ is one late game hero and you should _not_ let her farm that much. You really have to shut down her farm early with ganks, since she is really squishy.

Magmus did some nice stuns at top lane getting the two support heroes in one stun. If the Legion players would have spread out better they would might have scored more kills at top.

Overall pretty boring replay. The concede came super early from
Fijican1cks 4 years, 9 weeks ago
#2 quad lane? :D

Anyways, Testie MQ so I gonna take a look.

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