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SK Gaming vs Druidz

Posted by DocSmoothJew
Added 6 years, 50 weeks ago
Event Honcast Invitational
Map FoC
Patch 1.06
Player one SK Gaming
Player two Druidz
Display winner

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Honcast Invitational
First Round

Game Three
Accursed Hellbringer PredatorFayde ForsakenArcher SoulReaper
PlagueRiderGlacius Arachna
Chronos PyromancerPebbles Valkyrie
Hammerstorm PuppetMasterSwiftblade
PuppetMaster [SK]Testie(Top)
PlagueRider [SK]Bdiz(Mid)
Chronos [SK]Fogged(Mid)
Pyromancer [SK]tabako(Bot)
Hammerstorm [SK]Draskyl(Bot)
Arachna [DrDz]ikZu(Top)
Glacius Akke(Mid)
Swiftblade Loda(Mid)
Pebbles [DrDz]HenryD(Bot)
Valkyrie [DrDz]MEjH(Bot)

Match ID: 7199438
Mode: Banning Pick
Duration: 37:10


Current: 1.0 (1 votes)

Comments (Closed)

SwedenJona 6 years, 50 weeks ago
Is HenryD playing for Druidz now?
IsraelDocSmoothJew 6 years, 50 weeks ago
Not too sure as his tag is gone now. He's not back with a TSoG tag either, so no idea on that one.
SwedenJona 6 years, 50 weeks ago
Some snooping got me this quote from HenryD: "I joined DrDz. Pretty sure we're better as a team now, I didn't join as carry I joined allround so I'll be doing mostly gang/support heroes. Kinda nice, its fun to play those heroes when I know other players can carry =)" So I guess it's true, you guys should totally do an interview with him. People will want to know about the trip to China and how things are between him and TSoG. Also he's a funny guy so the interview would probably be a good read.
SwedenKrabaten 6 years, 49 weeks ago
Rofl, henry has always been a mediocre dotaplayer, so my guess is that he is a medicore hon-player aswell?
HungaryMaSSarcH 6 years, 49 weeks ago
Good to see Testie is still around. Too bad not in sc anymore ;*
SwedenJona 6 years, 49 weeks ago
@ #4

I'm not sure I understand the purpose of your post. Are you somehow low on your self-esteem and feel the need to make a sarcastic comment and wait for confirmation? Or is that post actually a question, and you wait for someone to give you the answer instead of actually watching replays of HenryD in action?

If it's the latter, then no. I wouldn't say he's mediocre. His individual skill might not be of the same caliber as Vigoss, but he's still very much a professional player. People do have the ability to change and improve, a shame some people are too conservative to even notice.
Iran, Islamic Republic ofPure.Buger 6 years, 49 weeks ago
loda and akke


plz come back and play dota plz
Swedenzup- 6 years, 49 weeks ago
akke loda go dota hon suck :(
Bulgariabertha420 5 years, 12 weeks ago
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