DreamHon Group B: DreamOn jumps back on track - RESULTS

Posted by Sören "Fantasy44" V. 2 years, 20 weeks ago
After a strong start in the group, FIT and coL had to prove the initial impression of their strength against slightly lesser known teams in week two. DreamOn, on the other hand, faced a lot of pressure already, after getting defeated in their opener. Now they have to win in order to keep in reach of the two spots that will guarantee a spot in the playoffs

Last week there were strong outings by both FIT and compLexity Gaming, who picked up their first victories in dominating fashion. The second week saw them just as strong, totally destroying BoCe and SOSH respectively. Both matches lasted for around 35 minutes each, basically forcing two 15 minute concedes from their opponents. Those results guaranteed the top spots in the group for at least another week.

Behind them, the race to catch up got a little bit tighter. DreamOn was able to defeat Dynasty in an intense two-map series, pushing themselves to their first three points of the group stage, completely evening their score. With iMpunity postponing the match against saishii, three teams are sitting at one win each, making the pursuit of FIT and coL very interesting.

Group B
Week 2
Malaysia iMpunity DNP United States saishii
Europe FIT 2:0 Europe BoCe
Europe Sons of Shaka 0:2 United States compLexity Gaming
Europe DreamOn 2:0 Brazil Dynasty

Standings after Week 2
# Team W L +/- P
1.United States compLexity Gaming 2 0
1.Europe FIT 2 0
3.Malaysia iMpunity 1 0
4.Europe DreamOn 1 1
4.Brazil Dynasty 1 1
6.United States saishii 0 1
7.Europe Sons of Shaka 0 2
7.Europe BoCe 0 2

Matchups for Week 3
Match Date
United States saishii vs. Europe BoCe August 4th
Europe FIT vs. Malaysia iMpunity August 4th
Europe Sons of Shaka vs. Europe DreamOn August 4th
Brazil Dynasty vs. United States compLexity Gaming August 4th
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