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Trademark eSports is a newly formed professional gaming team. We seek the finest talent in the industry and showcase their abilities at every major competition possible. We are looking forward to a bright future in the gaming community, as well as growing and adapting as the eSports industry develops.


UnitedStates Tralfamadore (Captain)
Name: Mark Seidl
Role: Drafter/Carry
Former Team(s): sGty, Virus and SK Gaming
Page(s): Facebook
Signature Heroes:
Silhouette Behemoth

UnitedStates Sender
Name: Alex Wieker
Role: Support
Former Team(s): xFin and SK Gaming
Page(s): Facebook
Signature Heroes:
Andromeda Electrician Tundra

Singapore MoonMeander
Name: David Tan
Role: Carry
Former Team(s): DottallyRad
Page(s): Facebook
Signature Heroes:
ForsakenArcher Tundra

UnitedStates ZFreeK
Name: Zakari Freedman
Role: Support/Jungler
Former Team(s): N/A
Page(s): Facebook
Signature Heroes:
Parasite Glacius Nymphora

UnitedStates bkid
Name: Josh Choi
Role: Semi-Carry
Former Team(s): Team EZ and Evil Geniuses
Page(s): Facebook
Signature Heroes:


UnitedStates BMF_Showtime
Name: Alex Jeng
Role: Team Manager
Email & Contact: N/A
Page(s): N/A


LAN Events
3rd NASL Season 2
4th DreamHack MSI BEAT IT Finals
Online Events
1st ESL Major Series IX
1st CSN playHEROES
4th TwitchTV HoN Challenge
1st DreamHack MSI BEAT IT 2011 Qualifier 2


HoN Wiki
TradeMark eSports - Official Page
TradeMark eSports - Official Page
TradeMark eSports - Facebook Page
TradeMark eSports - Twitter Page
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