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Mineski vs DK


Rank: #30 (1,165 pts)

Country: Philippines Philippines

Clan: Mineski

25 % 75
9002 27004
146 bets 131


Rank: #11 (1,354 pts)

Country: China China

Clan: DK


Amount of bets: 277 ( 36,005)
Event: » It's Gosu Monthly Madness
Best of: 3
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: July 15, 2012 at 16:30
Posted by: seiraeya

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Philippinesv1nv1n 3 years, 31 weeks ago
hope they prepared for this
Philippineswakiribit 3 years, 30 weeks ago
dont know GEST will be nxt week i think they will practice for 3 games.. lol
United Stateskelua4 3 years, 30 weeks ago
I hope Mski have practiced their Dota 2. EHOME underestimated them which led to their defeat imo but DK won't make that same mistake. Nonetheless I'm really looking forward to watching this match and I really hope MI can prove me wrong and defeat DK. wink.gif
Philippinesnico_rift 3 years, 30 weeks ago
gest next week dont even bother
PhilippinesSuperfly-Naryb 3 years, 30 weeks ago
forget DotA and switch to dota 2
PhilippinesCOBHateCrew 3 years, 30 weeks ago
Lanaya incoming crazy.gif
PhilippinesMhyco- 3 years, 30 weeks ago
this will be play by wootz and gang? or the MI dota 2 fox bg01 swish, etc? coz its not happyfeet! If wootz and the gang this will be epic! routing for MI to cause upsets.. cool.gif
Philippinespikertepe 3 years, 30 weeks ago
Hahaha. I wonder what will be rhom's response on why the tournament organizers doesn't invite his new mineski dota 2 squad. The tournament organizers really wants wootz & co. the mineski wc3 dota team.

I'm still butthurted by rhom's decision regarding the international qualifiers. Still fuck you rhom
SwedenAsWanG 3 years, 30 weeks ago
HF are trying to focus on Dota2 from what ive heard... Ill bet my neighboor house on this one.. Wanna see Jojero's Lanaya and Jay's Invoker manyhappy.gif
United Statesngazirrrrrrrrrrrrr 3 years, 30 weeks ago
I feel sorry for your neighbor.
Côte d'Ivoirekolotoure 3 years, 30 weeks ago
make me rich mineski!
Philippinesyoahl 3 years, 30 weeks ago
chinese server? ping own this? I trust HF in dota 2 internationally but not really in online games... if Lan then this will be different story
United Statesngazirrrrrrrrrrrrr 3 years, 30 weeks ago
There are no Chinese servers.
Philippinesyoahl 3 years, 29 weeks ago
really? good then but i'm never proud of our net connection anyway
PhilippinesMhyco- 3 years, 29 weeks ago
#8 thanks man.. We'll MI pls win this! BUS YAN!!! BIMBOKER!!

MI should really focus on dota 2 now.. cool.gif
AustraliakPhoeni 3 years, 29 weeks ago
dk easy
Philippineschelykz 3 years, 29 weeks ago
..HF yn ehhh!!!

nothing is impossible....


hehe :d
PhilippinesMarksg14 3 years, 29 weeks ago
Yeah this is hf vs dk not mi. Fuck rhom
PhilippinesIcyChill 3 years, 29 weeks ago
now is the time because its not the mineswannabies im gonna bet on this match

in phil mineski owning dota2
mineski practicing =good results.....
anyway its not a troll but my opinion
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