SBHL: Four Teams Left to Fight

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A total of eight matches have been played on the last 5 days of intense SoundBlaster Heroes League competition. The tournament with a stunning prize pool of $30,000 USD in cash is now going into the final stage with four teams left to fight. Those four teams are the very best Heroes of Newerth has to offer currently with the dominant Stay Green, their rivals in Trademark eSports and compLexity Gaming as well as the "newcomers" to the elite teams Lions eSports. Only one of them will become the first SoundBlaster Heroes League Champion. Only one will walk away with $12,000 USD in cash!

Semifinal #1

Lions eSports

Tournament Record: 2-0 Series; 4-1 Maps
Stay Green

Tournament Record: 2-0 Series; 4-1 Maps

  Sweden Emil 'Superkge' Karlsson superkgeportrait.jpgThe last remaining player from the original "Ninetees" and Lions has assembled a formidable bunch around him, that is the most improving team of HoN Tour. The captain leads them to greatness and a Top 5 Ranking spot.
United States Kyle 'swindlemelonzz' Freedman swindleportrait.jpgswindlemelonzz might not be the most beloved figure in HoN, but he is a well respected drafter and player. His drafting shifted the meta-game and is one of the reasons why Stay Green is the #1 right now.  

Sweden Patrick 'Krebsen' Krebs krebsenportrait.jpgWhen Krebsen and Hansken joined up with Lions eSports, he brought a great asset to the team - versatility. Krebsen is not fixated on one singular role, but he can play a variety of positions at the top level.

United States Zakari 'ZfreeK' Freedman zfreekportrait.jpgswindlemelonzz brother is not only a terrific jungler, but also a great lane supporter. With Chessie joining the team he had to make the adjustment, without losing quality whatsoever.

Sweden Simon 'Handsken' Haag handskenportrait.jpgHandsken might not be the captain of the team, but he is the mastermind behind a lot of Lions drafts. On top of that he is the designated jungler or second support of the squad, delivering great performances consistently.

Australia Trent 'sLiCKz' Tucker slickzportrait.jpgHe might have been the biggest "Free-Agents" acquisition that HoN has ever seen. The star carry from Australia joined forces with sG after a long stint with Tt eSports, helping them to get to where they are today.

Sweden Elias 'Sealkid' Merta sealkidportrait.jpgAs Lions eSports support player Sealkid is not earning a lot of notoriety, but that comes with the territory. Still he is considered one of the most underrated players and one of the top supports HoN has to offer.

Germany Maurice 'KheZu' Gutmann khezuportrait.jpgWith the arrival of sLiCKz KheZu had to adjust his position from carry to suicide. After some hiccups in that transition he came back to his old self and is now tearing his opponents apart on the difficult lane setup.

  Sweden Dennis 'Flensmeister' Brofalk flensmeisterportrait.jpgFlensmeister might not be the most notable hard carry that HoN has currently, but he is still a force to be reckoned with. His aggression is not only geared towards creeps, but also against opposing heroes early in the game.
United States Rasmus 'Chessie' Blomdin chessieportrait.jpgThe latest player that took his talents to South Beach has made an immediate impact. The "Jungler of the Year 2012" contributes to the success of sG with the ability to play every jungle hero to a very high standard.  

SBHL Results
United States Stay Green>Europe Vietnamese DreamRound of 16
United States Stay Green>Malaysia Orange eSportsQuarterfinals

SBHL Results
Sweden Lions eSports>Sweden PencilsRound of 16
Sweden Lions eSports>Europe QsQQuarterfinals


Tale of the Tape

On paper this game looks pretty one-sided with the way Stay Green has performed in recent history. The team led by swindlemelonzz has won the last two HoN Tour Diamond Cycles as well as the first GSL Qualfier. They are the strongest force in HoN today, their drafts have changed the meta game and their individual talent is helping them out of tricky situation. So a clear and clean 2-0? No so fast. Lions eSports might still not be the most glamorous team in the Heroes of Newerth circuit, but their consistency and composure in difficult situations sets them apart. Ever since the team has entered the elite category of HoN teams they have performed when the light was on. In HoN Tour they have never finished worse than Top 6, they are currently at a respectable fifth place in the HoN Tour Standings, as well as in the GosuGamers Rankings, while being even the #4 in the most recent Honcast Community Rankings. Stay Green is the favorite, no doubt, but this can still be a heated battle between two of the best HoN teams at the moment.

When: 18 CET Make your prediction here!



Semifinal #2

compLexity Gaming

Tournament Record: 2-0 Series; 4-0 Maps
Trademark eSports

Tournament Record: 2-0 Series; 4-2 Maps

  United States Josh 'bkid' Choi bkidportrait.jpgThe captain, drafter and mid player of compLexity Gaming is not only known for being the "Side Step King", but he is also a very skilled player that leads coL back to the top. .
Sweden Johan 'Mynuts' Andersson mynutsportrait.jpgThe drafter, the leader and the jungler for Trademark eSports. While his jungling has not been awarded yet, Mynuts still has the "Drafter of the Year 2012" award next to his DHW Championship.  



Canada David 'MoonMeander' Tan moonportrait.jpgMoonMeander might be the most beloved figure that HoN has ever brought out. His stream is legendary, his ability in the suicide lane as well. After a recent slump the rock star of the game returns back to form more and more - so does his team.

Sweden Love 'Fittske' Brändström fittskeportrait.jpgThe new guy in the roster of Trademark eSports replaced iNsania midway through the HoN Tour Season and has been a stellar performer. Him an Mynuts have had great success before and they are looking to repeat their glorious time.



United States Peter 'Franzzii' Dager franzziiportrait.jpgThe man formerly known as Peterpandam has emerged to one of the supreme support players in the game. With his help compLexity has made a push back to the elite category lately.

Denmark Lasse 'noobG' Jacobsen noobGportrait.jpgThe king of Ghost Marchers, the carry of Trademark eSports. After successfully managing his LAN debut back at the DHW, he has become the best carry player in HoN - receiving the "Carry of the Year 2012" award deservedly.



United States Andrew 'Riser_' Bronze riserportrait.jpgThe "fresh blood" that the team was craving for after Chessie left. With him the success and the spirit came back, now the titles are next on coL's and Riser_'s agenda.

Sweden Linus 'Limmp' Blomdin limmpportrait.jpgThe Swedish player was the star mid player of tdM back at DHW, but recently he has made his way more to the save lane. That transition hasn't hindered him as he is still one of the most stable players in the game.



  Denmark Jeppe 'Haxxeren' Jensen haxxerenportrait.jpgDenmark seems to be the land of the hard carries with noobG and Haxxeren going toe-to-toe again. Lately Haxxeren has played less hard carry though, bringing his game down a bit.
Sweden Ludwig 'zai`' Wahlberg zaiportrait.jpgThe youngest player in competitive HoN, but also one of the best. His suicide ability drove coL crazy at the DreamHack Finals and he is looking to have the same effect today.  

SBHL Results
Europe tdM>Europe Team ExcellentRound of 16
Europe tdM>Denmark PikachuQuarterfinals

SBHL Results
United States compLexity Gaming>Europe Bye TeamRound of 16
United States compLexity Gaming>United States Tt eSportsQuarterfinals


Tale of the Tape

The rivalry between these two teams continues. About six months ago coL and tdM met on a consistent basis in every single Grand Final their was. At the beginning compLexity had the upper hand with victories in the Online Summer Championship and the DreamHon Redemption tournament, but their streak ended right before the biggest HoN tournament of the year. From there on out it was all Trademark eSports, who dominated their old nemesis consistently. They defeated them on the big stage at the Elmia, they made them runner-up twice in the first Cycles of HoN Tour and contributed to the downfall of coL. Lately compLexity Gaming has seen as surge in success, while Trademark eSports was slumping with their spot in the HoN Tour Season Finals already secured. Still the game has not lost it's magnitude with a 1-1 series score in their last meetings. coL was able to push tdM into the Lower Bracket of the sixth HoN Tour Cycle, but had to suffer a loss in the Grand Final of the second GSL Qualifier. Who will earn the tiebreaker and go ahead in the renewed rivalry?

When: 21 CET Make your own prediction here!

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