DreamHoN Winter '12: Final Four collide

Posted by Sören "Fantasy44" V. 2 years, 21 weeks ago

All 20 matches have been played, all ten teams got a chance to showcase their skills. Now, the best 20 players and four teams get a chance to compete for the grand prize of $32,000 USD and the prestige of becoming the World Champion of HoN. A complete pool of $60,000 USD is waiting for the remaining teams, featuring a Malaysian team for the very first time in DreamHon history. The other three are the usual suspects with the Americans from Tt eSports and compLexity Gaming, plus the European powerhouse of Trademark eSports.

Semifinal #1

compLexity Gaming

Group Stage: 3 W - 0 L - 1 T
Tt eSports

Group Stage: 2 W - 0 L - 2 T

  United States Josh 'bkid' Choi bkidportrait.jpgThe drafter and mid player for compLexity Gaming is not only considered the "Side Step King", but has worked his signature hero Magmus back in the coL lineups - the return of "Swagmus".
Australia Trent 'sLiCKz' Tucker slickzportrait.jpgsLiCKz is a beast online and he is an absolute monster in LANs. His play is just so magnificent he can take almost any hero and carry his team to victory. Most memorable was his obliterating War Beast against Team MRR.  

Canada David 'Moonmeander' Tan moonportrait.jpgHe is the rock star in Heroes of Newerth and the king of the suicide lane for coL. His Bubbles has reached legendary status, and so have his statements and his persona. A glamorous personality and one of the most skilled HoN players, period.

United States Jared 'Jeppins' Perkins jeppinsportrait1.jpgJeppins is the stand-in for the tournament, but he has not looked like an "outsider" to the team. He has become a part of it really quickly, almost making a seamless transition into the roster - and he brings an incredible Kinesis to the table.

United States Peter 'Franzzii' Dager franzziiportrait.jpgFranzzii is a standout on his support position, one of the best that HoN has to offer. His warding is superb, the laning support he gives is great and his playstyle keeps him from harm most of the time.

United States Quinn 'LeonBlack' Wagner leonblackportrait.jpgLast DreamHack he was REEONBRACK, this time he looks a lot calmer and composed in front of a live crowd. He has grown into a magnificent player who can play a variety of heroes on the highest level.

Sweden Rasmus 'Chessie' Blomdin chessieportrait.jpgIf you trust Tralfamadore, Chessie is the best jungler in the game right now. His Ophelia is linked to an "Annihilation", his other heroes are powerful. Give him a jungle and he will succeed.

New Zealand David 'Wytaliba' Ashwell wytportrait.jpgWytaliba has been one of the most consistent players in HoN. In his first DreamHack a year ago, he played great and last year he helped Tt eSports into the Finals. This time he is on that path once again.

  Denmark Jeppe 'Haxxeren' Jensen haxxerenportrait.jpgThe "Danish Dynamite" can explode at any time in the game, it is building up velocity throughout the match by killing creep after creep, but in the end it erupts and takes down the entire opposing team - at least most of the time.
United States Nathan 'Moiravus' Geldmeier moiravusportrait1.jpgMoiravus is somewhat new in the complexion of the team, but plays an essential role. He varies between initiator and carry, plays an impressive Magmus on top of being one of the best Devourers right now.  

DreamHon Winter Results United States TteS>Thailand Team MRRGroup B United States TteS<>Brazil vTi.DynastyGroup B United States TteS>Europe QsQGroup B United States TteS<>Europe Trademark eSportsGroup B

DreamHon Winter Results United States coL>United States Gary Johnson 2012Group A United States coL>Brazil paiN GamingGroup A United States coL<>Malaysia Orange eSportsGroup A United States coL>Russia Cats GamingGroup A



United States compLexity Gaming 2-1 United States Tt eSports (Make your own prediction here!) The clash between two of the best teams in the world right now. coL is coming off a very decisive group stage and is backed up by a marvelous track record leading up to DreamHack - winning DreamHon OSC, Redemption and almost every meaningful match in the process. Tt eSports is looking at their impressive record just for the big LAN event in Sweden, reaching the Grand Final two out of two times. One of those streaks has to snap, either Tt eSports will come up short or coL will lose their first ever match in the "DreamHon tournament series". History has shown us, not to bet against Tt eSports, and their results of the second day make it even harder to place bets against the American-Oceanian squad. Still I have to give compLexity Gaming a slight advantage, but it is going to be a tough, close and exciting series. When: 10 AM CET



Semifinal #2

Orange eSports

Group Stage: 2 W - 0 L - 2 T
Trademark eSports

Group Stage 2 W - 2 L - 0 T

  Malaysia Lee 'MrGhost' Way Yoong mrghostportrait.jpgMrGhost is not only giving his team excellent heroes with his improved drafting but is also responsible for the important jungle spot for the Malaysian squad. He is a center-piece for the success..
Sweden Johan 'Mynuts' Andersson mynutsportrait.jpgHe is basically the exact same as MrGhost, drafting and jungling. The most memorable play from him was a beautiful Tempest Ultimate against Tt eSports in the first match, a true feast for the eye!  



Malaysia Chew 'Shuiyu' Choong Wa shuiyuportrait.jpgShuiyu blasted into the international scene with game-winning Tempest Ultimates in the OSC. After that he became a standout at the support position - especially his Aluna is feared.

Sweden Aydin 'iNsania' Sarkohi insaniaportrait.jpgIn an interview with S2, iNsania stated that his team is definitely winning the DreamHon event. The first step is done, now he has to support them all the way to the top.



Malaysia Loh 'DABELIUTEEF' Jun Liong wtfportrait.jpgFormer Tt eSports player, now the carry standout has made a huge splash in the Malaysian team. His Moon Queen against coL brought them into the Playoffs.

Denmark Lasse 'noobG' Jacobsen noobGportrait.jpgnoobG's first LAN has been a total success so far. Some people expected nervous jitters, but the Danish player has proved everybody wrong with marvelous performances on Silhouette, Torturer and even Aluna.



Malaysia Lee '_wangwang' Yean Seong wangwangportrait.jpgThe powerful mid for the Malaysian squad is not only a great player in a 1v1 setting, but he plays a mean Pebbles that has caused a lot of concerns and deaths for his opposing teams.

Sweden Linus 'Limmp' Blomdin limmpportrait.jpgSome consider Limmp a "shooting star", but the former fpbs player has emerged into a force in mid. His Pollywog Priest is great, his Pebbles is dominating and recently he has had success even with Moraxus.



  Malaysia Soon 'XXF_' Yin Fongi xxf_portrait.jpgProbably the most feared player out of Malaysia when it comes to suiciding against him. His performances in the OSC and Redemption tournaments outstanding, his performance on LAN so far even better.
Sweden Ludwig 'zai`' Wahlberg zaiportrait.jpgThe youngest player, the cocky player, the successful player. He was the reason many teams banned Wildsoul against tdM, but he has excelled on much more heroes in the suicide setting.  

DreamHon Winter Results Europe tdM>Brazil vTi.DynastyGroup B Europe tdM>Europe QsQGroup B Europe tdM<>Thailand Team MRRGroup B Europe tdM<>United States Tt eSportsGroup B

DreamHon Winter Results Malaysia ORGE>Russia Cats GamingGroup A Malaysia ORGE>Brazil paiN GamingGroup A Malaysia ORGE<>United States Gary Johnson 2012Group A Malaysia ORGE<>United States compLexity GamingGroup A



Europe Trademark eSports 2-1 Malaysia Orange (Make your own prediction here!) Most of the predictions that were made before DreamHack have already failed with this match, almost everyone expected to see Gary Johnson 2012 in this spot, but Orange eSports delivered again in the LAN environment. The Malaysians have made impressive plays at DHS, scratching on the door to the playoffs, this time they have made it through. Still Trademark eSports has had very nice performances so far, dominating the first day of competition - we should be in for a nail-biter. In the end I think that Trademark eSports will find a way to succeed in this match, even though Orange eSports can put up a serious fight. It will come down to small nuances and the daily form of the participants, as this match is as even as it can be. iNsania will battle Shuiyu, DABELIUTEEF will go into a farm war with noobG, Mynuts and MrGhost will try to win their jungle, Limmp and _wangwang will go head-to-head and XXF_ and zai will look to overcome suicide situation with success - the elements of a great match, Ladies and Gentlemen. When: 1 PM CET

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