GosuGamers HoN Awards 2010: Results

Posted by Wei Shen "S_SienZ" Ong 4 years, 12 weeks ago

 It's been quite a while since Heroes of Newerth hit retail and it's competitive scene since the beta days continues to grow, with massive LAN events such as DreamHack, The Gathering and the Digital Youth Awards all choosing to showcase the title while it's still in the running for game selection at the World Cyber Games and Electronic Sports World Cup 2011. We've seen the rise and fall of various competitive teams and we gave you the chance to immortalise their achievements of 2010. Presenting the winners of the GosuGamers HoN Awards 2010!


Best Team : FnaticMSI [MSI]

What they had to say:
Ever since NoVa_, N0tail and Bot joined FnaticMSI from inFlux, we started building up good social relationships in the team and practicing together. Constant practice sessions, relaxed discsussion and things like bootcamp and Dreamhack Winter made the team the best in the world. All players know each other very well and I feel like they could play without talking sometimes, everyone knows what and when to do the right stuff. Most important thing is something they learned very quickly, that winning is a team effort but losing is a team "effort" too, so there is no arguing. No matter we win or lose, their hads are always up, very often you learn much more from a loss then from a victory. In the end, I would like to thank our sponsors as without them nothing would be possible. Thanks to MSI, SteelSeries, BigFoot Networks, Raidcall, Slappa and Ugame for their support. -

[MSI] StreeTT

A completely one-sided poll, with MSI dominating more than 70% of the votes. Evil Geniuses, who took 2nd, didn't even manage to get half of Fnatic's votes.

It has been a good year for FnaticMSI, with it's current roster placing very well in every major tournament they've been in. One fascinating thing about them is that the greater the stakes, they seem to dominate with greater magnitude. Good examples of that are the sweeping fashions in which they won DreamHack Winter and the GosuGamers Steelseries HoN World Cup, with them losing only 1 game in both major tournaments combined. Their recent early exit from the GameReplays Invitational Season 3 was a slight hiccup but, it wouldn't be surprising to see them bounce back strongly from that and make 2011 just as great as 2010. Overall, there's no doubt who are the favourites of the community at the moment and hopefully this team will go a long way.


Best Carry: [MSI] Trixi

What he had to say:
Don't know what to say really. It's always nice to get recognition for doing something you like (carrying a team full of noobs). I was a bit surprised that I won the vote seeing as there were other really great candidates as well, maybe it was because of breaky hyping my Gladiator and Slither. I'll keep this short, so in the end a special thank you for everyone who voted for me!

This was very much a 2 horse race between Fnatic and Evil Genius's top ricers. No doubt that their win in the World Cup Winner's Bracket and GameReplays meetings tipped the scales which allowed Trixi to pip chu to the title.

Trixi was pretty much always Fnatic's primary carry player before he had his current 4 teammates, and the job has certainly been done well all year round. His solid performances often keep his team in the game and is famed for dominating games with heroes like Slither, Gladiator, Valkyrie and Forsaken Archer.


Best Ganker: [MSI] N0tail

What he had to say:
There are many good players in this role and I am really happy that community voted for me as it's tough competition. Thanks to the voters, I will do my best to continue with good performance in order to entertain our fans and keep our team in top shape and on top of the tournaments

Complete domination was shown by the Fnatic squad in this category, with N0tail's teammate Freshpro being the only competitor that even came close to catching up with him in the poll.

Having N0tail in the squad has been a great asset for Fnatic, it gave them almost a default mid advantage against most teams as he rarely gets beaten while at the same time eases the burden on previous solo mid carry player Trixi, allowing him to venture off to the sidelanes and farm up even more.


Best Support: [MSI] NoVa_

What he had to say:
This seems like a good opportunity to thank all the people that continuously cheer for us and contact me ingame or elsewhere to give feedback. I've had great talks with you and look forward to meet you on events such as the CeBIT or Dreamhack. Keep supporting your supporter!

It would probably still be an understatement to say that NoVa_ completely destroyed everyone else in the poll, with Tarano coming next in a distant second place.

NoVa_'s dedication to support play and him bearing the sole burden of warding has laid a solid foundation for his teammates to rely upon. His sense of awareness and map control with wards are top tier while it also gives breathing room for secondary support players Fly and occassionally Trixi and Fresh to recover from supporting a trilane by gathering some farm. Overall, best support player of 2010, period.


Best Overall : [ze] H4nn1

What he had to say:
Thanks to all the people that voted for me, I'm actually surprised I ended up getting nominated as I haven't really been in touch with the competitive scene lately. I appreciate all the support of my fans that I get, maybe you're gonna see me back this year sooner than you think, though I haven't decided completely if that's my choice. Shout out to Mischa and Fuji for being a good loser.... ...but you never had a chance anyway!

After a relatively even poll, H4nn1 emerged as the victor by about 20 votes, with Evil Geniuses utility player FujiApples trailing close behind. Leadership and drafting took a lower priority in the eyes of the voters as MSI's Fly and DskB's capt`mike grabbed 3rd and 4th.

H4nn1 performed greatly for both team 5 and KD-Gaming during his competitive reign, steering KD-Gaming to victory against MSI in the DreamHack Summer Grand Finals. Even today, he occasionally makes ringer appearances for teams with outstanding performances regardless of role. It'd be great to see him back in 2011 so let's all keep our fingers crossed.


Most Entertaining Team : Evil Geniuses [EG]

What they had to say:
We would like to thank the community for this award. Our style of play is fun for us as well as the spectators, and we look forward to continuing our tradition of aggressive play. We are happy that our play has brought such entertainment to the community and as always want to thank my sponsors Intel, SteelSeries, Kingston HyperX, Thermaltake, Intel Extreme Boards, MSI Notebook, Bigfoot Networks!

It was obvious that the community appreciated aggressive styles in entertainment value as Evil Geniuses took 1st in this poll. DuskBin eSports, who play a very similar style to the American giants took second while the unpredictables Dirty Minds and Empire came in 3rd and 4th respectively.

Evil Geniuses in particular, have been one of the most dynamic teams in the scene, especially during their era as Team Loaded with heroes like Magmus and Witch Slayer ganking all across the map with massive portal key abuse. Love them or hate them their still one of the most appealing teams to watch.


Best Series: DWi vs DM

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Game 2 - Shoutcasted by Honcast
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Game 3 - Shoutcasted by Honcast

The polls for this category were close, with different games taking the lead at different times with the final result undecided until when the polls were closed. The Digital Youth Awards Finals between Evil Geniuses and Team Epic lost by just 1 vote to winner's DWi vs DM, while the KDe vs tXL 4v5 at DreamHack Summer proved to still remain popular choice within the community.

The games were played out right after Deal With it steamrolled Dirty Minds in a GameReplays tournament with a 800 GPM Magebane. Vary of that strategy, Dirty Minds went for all-out burst damage in an attempt to shut out Deal With it early on. An epic 3 match series ensued with DWi winning 3-0, losing the 1st match due to creep skipping rules, but props to them for coming back strongly to take the series 2-1. Embedded here are the VoDs of Games 2 and 3 shoutcasted by Honcast. Game 2 wasn't really anything too special but Game 3 was probably one of the most epic comebacks of all time. Being 2 lanes down, and hanging on desperately with literally 3 buildings left in their base, Deal With it managed to pull off a comeback, obliterating Dirty Minds' base in 1 big push. The game ended up with an epic throne race as Dirty Minds went all-in, but [DWi] sLicKz on Soulstealer ninja-ed the Sacrificial Shrine with a post-haste.

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