HoN Guide: Soul Reaper

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Updated for 2.0.13

The Soul Reaper is born in the depths of Hell itself and has risen to the surface on a mission to capture the souls of Newerth. With the authority to instantly judge those he comes in contact with, even the strongest of the Legion wither when he approaches.

Base Attack
Attack Type: Ranged
Attack Damage: 44-48
Attack Range: 600
Attack/Sec: .68
Detailed Attributes
Movement Speed: 290
Strength per level: 1.7
Agility per level: 1.7
Intelligence per level: 2.5
Defense Information
Armor: 1.1
Dmg. Reduction: 6%
Magic Armor: 5.5
Magic Reduction: 25%

Soul Reaper
Primary Attribute: Intelligence
Role: Semi-Carry / Carry / Counter-Ganker / "Tank"
Strength: 16
Agility: 16
Intelligence: 22

Soul Reaper
Soul Reaper is a hero that people instantly recognize for his infamous "Less than 50% HP and you're dead" ultimate. He also has a fairly battle-changing heal skill, which can also damage enemies for the same amount, an aura which slowly kills any enemy or creep near him, as well as a skill which assists in his farming, by almost allowing him to never run out of mana. Despite all this, he is often misplaced in teams as a support and thus will normally underperform, which makes people feel he is rather weak. However, if played well, Soul Reaper is easily able to withstand the damage from a long battle without breaking too much of a sweat.

Soul Reaper's Role
Soul Reaper is generally confused as a support as people see that he has a heal, and is thus a support. This is not the case. Unlike support heroes, Soul Reaper's abilities were designed with the thought of staying in battle for an extended period of time. However, if a Soul Reaper is given no farm, he cannot provide anything to the team, and is less useful in a team fight as he has no stun (other than a costly ultimate), and would die as fast as a Glacius would. For babysitting a lane because he has a heal, it is the most inefficient heal of the heroes that have a non-ultimate heal. Check the table below:

Heroes and their Heals at LV1
% of MaxHeals ForHeal per
1% Mana

(3 Targets)
Voodoo Jester28611038.5%80
Soul Reaper28612543.7%50

Not only does Soul Repaer have one of the highest Mana Costs (% wise), he also heals a ridiculously small amount. While the damage is AoE, the primary concern is about the babysitting potential, in which Soul Reaper performs poorly. On the other hand, the damage potential of the skill becomes rather high in comparison, doing about double the damage than heal. At level 7 onwards, Soul Reaper is able to farm extremely easily using his Judgment skill, and later to almost no cost, thanks to his Inhuman Nature. This means he can stay in a lane to farm for as long as he needs to without worrying about running out of mana. Another thing to point out is his amazing scaling into late game. Soul Reaper possesses not just one, but two scaling skills, meaning they will be at their peak at all times of the game, which is particularly important for (semi-)carries. His Withering Presence skill will drain HP at the same from every enemy in range of Soul Reaper, making them even easier to take down. Finally his ultimate is able to take down heroes before they can do anything devastating to the team, and it can be done at about the same HP % level for any hero at nearly every point in the game, making it extremely versatile. The role of the "tank" is also noted because he fits the description of being an aggression director, as it would be many times more difficult to take down other heroes before taking down Soul Reaper. Later on in the game, he will also be able to soak up quite a bit of damage, while still dishing out a lot of damage to the opponents. This guide will be promoting the use of Soul Reaper as a semi-carry and/or carry, as a support Soul Reaper is extremely inefficient.

No hero is without blemish. All who face the Soul Reaper face their every regret. Every harrowing moment spent in the Soul Reaper's presence damages those forced to endure it.

Cooldown: 1.0 Seconds

Passive Aura
700 / 800 / 900 / 1000 Radius
Enemies in the radius are damaged for 0.4% / 0.6% / 0.8% / 1.0% of their max Health per second.
On use, turns off the aura.

Strategy: When laning, try to stay in the area for passive harassment. When a low HP hero gets away, follow him and there is a good chance to kill him passively if he stays in your AoE. You can also use this skill early in the game to kill Ancients without having to hit them. Turn off the aura if you're invisible and wish to sneak up on an enemy hero. With buff icons so big, it becomes obvious you're there otherwise.

Inhuman Nature
The Soul Reaper feeds on failure, and his power grows when those he judges fall. Each death he reaps replenishes his store of mana.

Passive Ability
On Kill: Regains 12 / 24 / 36 / 48 mana.

Strategy: By the time you reach Level 10, if you have maxed this skill out, lane creeps will spawn about 5 at a time. If you kill each of these creeps with one Judgment, you can regain more mana than the Judgment cost. Denying creeps also gives you mana.

Demonic Execution
The Soul Reaper summons a Demonic Execution against the target, stunning and dealing damage based on how close to death they are.

Range: 600
Cast Time: 1.0 Seconds
Mana Cost: 175 / 340 / 500
Cooldown: 100 (70) / 85 (70) / 70 (70) Seconds

The amount of Health the target is missing is multiplied by 0.4 (0.6) / 0.6 (0.9) / 0.9 (1.2). Magic damage is dealt to the target equal to this amount. Stuns for 1.5 seconds.

This ability can be boosted by Staff of the Master. Upgraded values are in brackets.

Strategy: Assuming no extra Magic Resistance, the amount of HP required to kill are as follows: 23.077% / 31.034% / 40.299% / 47.368%. If a target is teleporting away, use your ultimate to stop him, even if it doesn't kill him, if you are sure you can kill him using your other skills or if you have backup.

While Soul Reaper is a hero you want levels on, so that he can push more damage on the other team, he is relatively squishy, and would get dominated in the middle lane a lot of the time. Thus, a side lane is preferable with a less item dependent hero as a lane partner. Soul Reaper does not exactly shine in a trilane, and would be much better suited for the solo side lane in that case instead, if the player is capable of doing so. In that case, solo laning the horizontal lane allows for tower hugging, and creep pulling, making the job of farming easier. If you go in the vertical lane, you will have access to Ancient Creep stacking, which will allow you to make use of the Ancient Killing build.

Potential Laning Partners
General Guide to Soul Reaper

Laning Phase
Early on, focus on getting last hits, but stay within AoE of your aura to slightly whittle them down. It's a minor point, but by harassing them along with the aura, you should control the lane nicely with your lane partner. Aim for some early items, towers and kills aren't as important, as you're gearing up for early clashes which will give your team the upper hand. If you can get either one though, it is always a bonus. Try not to roam around too much, as you're not able to do much anyways because you're slower than most heroes, and so you'd miss out on the ganking action.

At this point, you should be decently geared, and be able to push out any lanes with your Judgment easily. In clashes, you will probably have limited mana in terms of spamming, so use Astrolabe if you have it first, since it's cheaper and provides armor bonuses too, then see what happens next. If your team isn't winning at this point, just try to get the tankiness up, but let any other hard carries have priority in lane. In that case, just ancient stack. Note that even if you are ganked, you should be able to live to the point your allies can reach you. For example in the picture above you have been ganked by a Bombardier, Sand Wraith and Nymphora but have managed to live through it all.

Late Game
By this point in the game, you should have about 70% damage reduction and 55% magic reduction, along with some magic absorption from Barrier Idol. Coupled with this you'll have insane amounts of regeneration and extra abilities (eg. Hex and Slow) and your team should be getting healed for at least 500-700 health each in the battle. That gives the team another hero's worth of health to take down, which isn't an easy feat. If your team is in a bad situation, the best you can do is stay at the tower and duke it out there. The same thing will happen with heals and whatnot, but it'll be a hard earned victory if it comes through. Also, make sure you target the biggest threat with your ultimate, not just any support with low HP. They should be food by this stage in the game and thus the ultimate would be the biggest waste.

ability3_50.jpg Inhuman Nature8

ability3_50.jpg Inhuman Nature9

ability3_50.jpg Inhuman Nature10

ability4_50.jpg Demonic Execution11
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