GosuCup HCT 2017 - Europe

GosuCup HCT 2017 - Europe

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Decklist spotlight: The winning decks from GosuCup EU March #1

Swedish player William “s1n” Wessman went undefeated for six rounds to pocket the lion’s share of the HCT points.

Reminder: Register and compete for 16 HCT points in GosuCup EU tonight at 17:00 CET

Ready your decks and play hearty: GosuCup HCT is ready to return for the March season.

GosuCup HCT expands to three cups a week starting second week of March

We’re taking a break this week, but come March 8 our circuit of open cups will return bigger.

Reminder: Register for GosuCup EU #6 tonight and compete for 16 HCT points at 17:00 CET

Wednesday and Friday, compete for 16 HCT points in our fully open GosuCup EU and AM tournaments.

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