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Garaj vs Viper


Rank: -

Country: Russia Russia


84 % 16
65246 12428
877 bets 221


Rank: #236 (1,000 pts)

Country: Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan



Amount of bets: 1,098 ( 77,673)
Event: » OSPL Spring 2011
Best of: 3
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: April 03, 2011 at 11:20
Posted by: Tjernobylbarnet

Match description


Unsure what time it will actually be played

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LithuaniaQadesh 5 years, 47 weeks ago
should be pretty easy for dts
Swedenkringlarn999 5 years, 47 weeks ago
They play 09:00 :S?
SwedenTjernobylbarnet 5 years, 47 weeks ago
I dont know yet, just added the game to have it added.
Time is unconfirmed.
But 9 CET is 12 or more at the LAN.
CanadanrxXFe8AoW 5 years, 47 weeks ago
go viper poison them i bet on u
Russian Federation4k_nike 5 years, 47 weeks ago
all in garaj
Malaysiaellvinjen 5 years, 47 weeks ago
unknown team will be 2nd place and Navi 3rd place...funny... tounge.gif
LatviaWalcker 5 years, 47 weeks ago
comeback, pacani, comeback
Kyrgyzstanneil.kgz 5 years, 47 weeks ago
#6 because bad ping in garena. Playing only lan. manyhappy.gif
Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic ofKingLoriKc 5 years, 47 weeks ago
#6 it is not funny,Na`Vi was knocked by Gazaj,that random team just beated other random teams
Bulgariacilium 5 years, 47 weeks ago
thats why tournaments should be with loser brackets :)
Brazilbardskiller 5 years, 47 weeks ago
thats kinda sucky actually to see Na`Vi out like that but hey... who am i to tell ?
Viet Namgabyknight 5 years, 47 weeks ago
Viper play quite well, not very random team @@
Anyway, cheer for Garaj !
Swedenpanterspot 5 years, 47 weeks ago
Pretty shitty to let 1st and 2nd seeded team meet in semi final when there is no double elimination bracket.

Joke tour tbh.
United Statesobstacle1 5 years, 47 weeks ago
viper gets 2nd, i'd say totally undeserved, and navi who steamrolled all of their opponents bar garaj gets 3rd. go figure.

i agree with the dude who said there should be a losers bracket.
GreeceAcential 5 years, 47 weeks ago
All in M5
Othersmki 5 years, 47 weeks ago
Kinda funny that Viper is in the Final .
I feel like the final was Na`Vi vs Garaj , awesome games .
Imo Na`Vi and Garaj` should of met in the Final not in the Semis. . Navi top Garaj Botom so they would meet just in the finals , not like this lulz. Or if you go like this , do it with loser bracket !!
Im not saying Viper is not a good team. Just saying that the brackets were made wrong. Also the pricezepool is rly rly big..Why no bigger teams? wtf > > < <. Kinda dissapointed.
And anyways i think Garaj should take this np. If Viper will prove me wrong they are gonna earn some respect in the DotA community.
BrazilAlline 5 years, 47 weeks ago
Garaj is legend!
Peruiceiceice-_- 5 years, 47 weeks ago
PhilippinesSeducer 5 years, 47 weeks ago

drag the game.. the longer the more it hurts...
Nethertoxin.. hehe.gif
Cambodiaanhtaicaoxulykheo 5 years, 47 weeks ago
@#10 one chance to home team earn metal, it's suitable.
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