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LGD vs Scythe


Rank: #3 (1,484 pts)

Country: China China

Clan: LGD.Taobao

49 % 51
210867 219473
730 bets 593


Rank: -

Country: Singapore Singapore



Amount of bets: 1,323 ( 430,339)
Event: » Asian Dota Championship IV
Best of: 3
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: February 27, 2011 at 16:05
Posted by: Renesmee

Match description

Playoffs - Round 8
Map version: v6.70c / v.6.71b

Winner faces Malaysia Nirvana.MY

1 Malaysia Nirvana.MY
2 China LGD.sGty
3 Malaysia Aeon.MUFC
6 Singapore Scythe.SG
4 China Nirvana.Cherry
5 Singapore XTC
9 Vietnam SB.Gigabyte
7 Thailand Roccat.Trust
8 Indonesia AlienwareDG
10 Australia LGD.AU

the number tells the original seeding order of the teams

Shoutcast at CybergamerTV by Tobiwan.

Comments (Closed)

GreeceAcential 6 years, 34 weeks ago
sky.gif I dont think LGD stand a chance
Philippinesshitezukani 6 years, 34 weeks ago
SG host bot will win this
Otherpx...14 6 years, 34 weeks ago
Map version: v6.70c


why not the latest version ???
CroatiaBloodsugar 6 years, 34 weeks ago
#1 lgd win this eazy,nv would win Scythe.SG if they played...
PhilippinesSinjet 6 years, 34 weeks ago
Rooting for LGD! satisfied.gif
MalaysiaKty- 6 years, 34 weeks ago
epic matchup! hope that advances to the finals wink.gif
Malaysiaxnino 6 years, 34 weeks ago
My bet: 116 on Scythe.SG.
With these percentages, you may win: 249
All in for Scythe! :D
Greececrossmax 6 years, 34 weeks ago
Scythe got this like np
JordanAlbiceleste 6 years, 34 weeks ago
yamateh + hyhy stronk combo !
OtherXDCX 6 years, 34 weeks ago
this is it, revenge for Nv.CN cool.gif

#9 hawari 6 minutes ago
yamateh + hyhy stronk combo !


all in!!!!!!
United StatesSloWPoiSoN.... 6 years, 34 weeks ago
Really hope they will find a stable hostbot for this game.Hope there wont be lagg issues for this epic game!

BrazilMaito___ 6 years, 34 weeks ago
ZSMJ + chuaN sky.gifsky.gif
Philippinesalhon3 6 years, 34 weeks ago
all in

they are in madness, esp. YMH and hyhy
Othervigossive 6 years, 34 weeks ago
I know they will filthy do this

Everyone know Chuan is not back to China till 28th, singaporean are so damn little cheaters. Do you dare to play it a week latter when Chuan is with LGD and have at least 2 days training?
Malaysiahighace 6 years, 34 weeks ago
#14 wtf are you saying man, if you dont know just stfu, the match date are not pick by the players, the tournament mod decide it, at scythe vs Xtc gameday it was 3 days after CNYear and the 2 team reluctant to play it, but they are force to, if not it is consider FF, you see the tournament being drag so long that they were not expected this, thats why the ADC bot are not provided because the ADC bot they have already expired!, so they cant make the tournament any more longer, and the final have to be done quickly as possible.
SwedenTjernobylbarnet 6 years, 34 weeks ago
Not sure if its 70c or 71b they'll play.
Last round (Scythe vs Mufc) they played one on each.
I guess it doesn't matter that much.
GermanyTobiWanKenobi 6 years, 34 weeks ago
so there
PhilippinesGG.Shanks 6 years, 34 weeks ago
let's get it on! ayt tobi?... ^^.gif
PhilippinescooygalsLEET 6 years, 34 weeks ago
Even match.... each role + players are damn even! i can't say anything / anyone
since KOY + ROY can match up CH + 830 while YYF a bit ahead over Sharky but YMH can farm than Chuan while ZSMJ = hyhy for 2nd carry

expecting 3 RR games...
Othervigossive 6 years, 34 weeks ago
#15 no need to play in this kind of filthy games, mark my word no more Chinese teams after this.

#19 SMM Chinese teams did not lose a single game outside, that means in fair condition the weakest Chinese pro team > this Scythe (very strong i admit)
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