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Mojawi (old) vs OK (disbanded)

Mojawi (old)

Rank: -

Country: France France

Clan: Mojawi Gaming

19 % 81
2534 10800
34 bets 95

OK (disbanded)

Rank: -

Country: Europe Europe

Clan: Online-Kingdom


Amount of bets: 129 ( 13,333)
Event: » MYM Prime Defending #12
Best of: 1
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: July 25, 2010 at 22:30
Posted by: KongoTime

Match description


Round 3

The Winner of this Matchup qualifies for the
MYM PriDe-Groupstages

Bet submitted by LuCiqNo

Due to lack of current bets, certain matches will be added

Comments (Closed)

FranceThe_4Lb1N0S 4 years, 6 days ago
all on mojawi
Maldejambes FTW
GermanyZeyall 4 years, 5 days ago
Black <3
DenmarksyndereN 4 years, 4 days ago
Will be played Sunday 22:30.
Franceingenaab 4 years, 3 days ago
no drayich no win
PortugalBb0y 4 years, 3 days ago
lets go OK!!!
BrazilRaz 4 years, 3 days ago
all in OK!
FranceTotoroShan 4 years, 3 days ago
will it be streamed ?
Germanychai-Ka 4 years, 3 days ago
allin DOLLAR
SwedenAkrosloth 4 years, 3 days ago
Any stream for this game or?

Edit: Stream up at WaaaghTV
Germanychai-Ka 4 years, 3 days ago
gg wp OK
FranceWendek 4 years, 3 days ago
Oh my, nub dusa... why would you skip Snake against a 350 range hero like Morf? He got total fed in lane... while Scourge lane was much better.

Mojawi had this imo, did too many stupid mistakes like that lulz ES ult on three illus at mid tower. :/ I'm glad I forgot to bet in time.
Germanyfire] 4 years, 3 days ago
mojawi didnt had this in any second of the game Oo
FranceWendek 4 years, 2 days ago
Picks-wise they could totally win it. They had superior lanes everywhere, and OK did some basic mistakes as well like when two of them chased ES and at least one died iirc. Then they started having kinda no teamplay at all.
Germanyfire] 4 years, 2 days ago
"Mojawi had this imo" thats just not true. you can win every game with any picks thats not the point.