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eviL vs Justice


Rank: #1 (1,000 pts)


Country: Hungary Hungary

Clan: NrG.

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2 bets 2


Rank: #50 (1,009 pts)


Country: Russia Russia

Clan: [7x]


Amount of bets: 0 ( 0)
Event: » BWML - Individual Tour
Best of: 5
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: May 01, 2009 at 23:00
Posted by: Guyix

Match description

• BWML - Individual Tour Season 15 / Quali #6
Best of 5 Games (BO5), The first map is (2)Destination and must be played. The loser will pick the next map from the iCCup Map Pack (command /maps). Forbidden to play one map twice.

Bet submitted by M.S.S)O-X-O

Comments (Closed)

Hungary...eviL 8 years, 20 weeks ago
sorry but im not able to show up for this..
could we p.p. or something?
Hungary...eviL 8 years, 20 weeks ago
oh and DONT BET ON THIS for the guys who didnt understand my first post blush.gif