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SPs vs SK (disbanded)


Rank: -

Country: Greece Greece

Clan: southpark gaming

20 % 80
885 3539
0 bets 0

SK (disbanded)

Rank: -

Country: Sweden Sweden



Amount of bets: 48 ( 4,423)
Event: » ESL Major Series DotA Season II
Best of: 1
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: May 22, 2008 at 20:00
Posted by: R04ch

Match description

Group A Tiebreaker

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Comments (Closed)

GreeceaXXo 8 years, 3 days ago
They beat WG once they can beat Sk!Go go Sps.Greece is with u :D
Swedeniofs 8 years, 3 days ago
Sk for sure.
Swedenfishboneliquid 8 years, 3 days ago
is not sp a russian clan?
Greecehardcore_ 8 years, 3 days ago
Gogo Greece..;)
Denmarkzenition 8 years, 3 days ago
#3 G0ld3n, RedTziab and moula are all on the greek national team, so I guess not ;)
SpainR04ch 8 years, 3 days ago
sP = SayPlz -> disbanded russian clan
SPs = South Park Gaming -> Greek clan

Both are in our DB, so you can check it there :)
GreeceaXXo 8 years, 3 days ago
Just to know south park is an old clan.But they had other players.Now it's something like the elite of greek dota(after the disband of 1p-opponent of Ks on the "maphack" game)
GermanyKoG)loveyou 8 years, 3 days ago
SlovakiaDUBAK 8 years, 3 days ago
SK go go go
GreeceMarKeZ 8 years, 3 days ago
rep link plz
SerbiaLickMineLPop 8 years, 3 days ago
SK vs SPs
save/reload 4mins only, go and watch it at GGTV
GreeceChronUs 8 years, 2 days ago
e re mlks ti kanate diko sas htan pff
GreeceTheZarathustra 8 years, 16 hours ago
true :/