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Draco vs NonY


Rank: #65 (1,000 pts)


Country: Poland Poland

Clan: BVG.

55 % 45
65278 53410
0 bets 0


Rank: #319 (1,000 pts)


Country: United States United States

Clan: Liquid


Amount of bets: 294 ( 118,687)
Event: » Teamliquid Star League
Best of: 5
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: May 24, 2008 at 19:30
Posted by: 000.Zulu

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Polandvolus 9 years, 4 days ago
Draco go go!
Polandbarth 9 years, 4 days ago
unfortunate for Draco that he meets a Protoss :P its his worst match-up so i think its 50:50
United StatesDance.Zuan19 9 years, 4 days ago
omg, this will b good
Germanynerd2k8 9 years, 4 days ago
that would be a really nice game i cant say who will win this.
Both very good players.

but i hope Draco will win this one.
ChilechAiNsss 9 years, 3 days ago
gogogogogo Draco!!!
BrazilDong 9 years, 3 days ago
don't think Draco can beat NonY
BrazilDong 9 years, 3 days ago
Polandkokoseq 9 years, 3 days ago
Draco 98 - 2 NonY xD
NonY < White Ra
Draco > White Ra :P
Draco > NonY?? ^^
Polandprogosu 9 years, 3 days ago
Draco 3-0 or 3-1
TurkeyAelfric 9 years, 3 days ago
3-2 for Nony. I bet for him because lots of you blaming these guy for nothing.
PolandDL)astarte 9 years, 3 days ago

FTW !_!_! : )
Latviaokyo 9 years, 3 days ago
ain't it funny how people always bet so much minerals on a guy from their country and make the bets 90-10 or even higher like in this case, flame saying that their player will pwn, and after he gets raped, start whining with something like "oh noes, my minerals!! :<<<<"
Gl to everybody who keeps putting 1k in draco when the odds are already 95/5.


My bet: 50 on NonY.
With these percentages, you may win: 817.
Polandilikeit 9 years, 3 days ago
GermanyBoxerS_DriveR 9 years, 2 days ago
I will cheer for Nony, its time for some "new" players to reach the top.
Its kinda boring to see the same old players ruling again. ;)

And about "PvP is Draco's worst MU". I think PvP is every P's worst MU, since its based on a big portion of luck.
Chilegeegeeduck 9 years, 2 days ago
omg, good match.

nony 3 draco 2
BulgariaGpZ)Zork( 9 years, 2 days ago
hard one
go draco
PolandDL)astarte 9 years, 2 days ago
#12 patriotic fans want draco > nony, not minerals o_O

#14 old players ruling again? - well, this is sth, what we call LEGEND.

SwedenWanderBoy 9 years, 2 days ago
Thank god im not working at that time! this will be awesome!!
Swedenishinken 9 years, 2 days ago
where do you go if you want to see this match LIVE? It says on the site that there are live videos but I find no section for live streaming
Germanyexz 9 years, 2 days ago
draco vs nony ???

mhh, i will win !

ah damn i dont play :/
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