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coL vs ???


Rank: -

Country: United States United States

Clan: Team Liquid

76 % 24
13299 4200
59 bets 47


Rank: #55 (1,058 pts)

Country: Europe Europe



Amount of bets: 106 ( 17,498)
Event: » joinDota Masters
Best of: 1
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: March 24, 2012 at 17:30
Posted by: GeeJay

Match description

Masters II - quarter final


Comments (Closed)

Canadatheronin 5 years, 9 weeks ago
mTw need more training or they will lose everygame, DOTA2 is now much more competitive than last year
Swedenwh1te 5 years, 9 weeks ago
IDK. Synderen is pretty smart but he needs a better team imo.
GermanyHighfive 5 years, 9 weeks ago
they have a good team right now but they need more practise and i must they their picking wasnt that great lately
DenmarkMaelk 5 years, 9 weeks ago
Mighty SWEDISH team.
BulgariaMe4onyX 5 years, 9 weeks ago
long time no see coL ingame ^^
PhilippinesRyze 5 years, 9 weeks ago
RomaniaRaptor7 5 years, 9 weeks ago
My bet: 300 on mTw.
With these percentages, you may win: 1233.

Gief me my tangos !
Thailandzanarkand 5 years, 9 weeks ago
lol complexity seems to be on a losing spree now.
BulgariaMe4onyX 5 years, 9 weeks ago
gg wp
coL didn't do anything special in the last 10 matches ...only losing and drawing and some not so important winning cuz of lag/walkovers etc..etc..
Russian Federationturik 5 years, 9 weeks ago
who else is talking about mTw disband now?
Ukraineoprime 5 years, 9 weeks ago
there is life in the old dog yet
MalaysiaN7 5 years, 9 weeks ago
haha..coL is overrated..
They might got DAT TEAMWORK..
but now,they just fail..
SerbiaPgDn 5 years, 9 weeks ago
Where is teh EG vs Gosu match to bet on? GG mTw... Great SF Black Hole combo...
Bulgariainside_the_fire 5 years, 9 weeks ago
Great picking by synderen. Col was outpicked and outlaned but mTw still didnt execute their heroes good enough to be a top team. I have no idea why col dint ban enigma when rex is banned and venge picked by enemy.
ZimbabweMachz 5 years, 9 weeks ago
I expected this, I saw a scrim and noticed how Synderen had coL's game deeply studied. Synd is a very smart captain.

PolandMiC. 5 years, 9 weeks ago
Did purge stream this game? So i can look for VoD on his channel.
GermanyNightknight 5 years, 9 weeks ago
with training and stability (no standins) in their team mTw can become a force in the scene! tulex and bentzer have both played outstanding games so far but the team still needs practice! and so far i can only say its good they got rid of matrim :P
BrazilJaspion 5 years, 9 weeks ago