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Na`Vi vs Mineski


Rank: #4 (1,475 pts)

Country: Ukraine Ukraine

Clan: Natus Vincere

91 % 9
63129 6244
351 bets 136


Rank: #30 (1,165 pts)

Country: Philippines Philippines

Clan: Mineski


Amount of bets: 487 ( 69,372)
Event: » The Premier League
Best of: 2
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: February 18, 2012 at 14:00
Posted by: Tjernobylbarnet

Match description

Seasonal game - week 7

Stream - United States Luminous
Stream - Russia Versuta
Stream - France Luciano
Stream - Greece Fentagin

Comments (Closed)

Other-QQQ 3 years, 3 weeks ago
Da'Vi Na'Vi
NigeriaRP.Nave 3 years, 3 weeks ago
It's everybody's game, risking my tangoes.
Russian FederationMercurialXen 3 years, 3 weeks ago
dendi > all 3 years, 3 weeks ago
RIP Mineski +168hrs
Philippineswara_ka 3 years, 3 weeks ago
lag auto lose!!!!!!
Philippinesjetsutter 3 years, 3 weeks ago
upset, coz 3 stars and a sun asses are going to be nailed so hard!
NetherlandsJokerKV 3 years, 3 weeks ago
#7 hahaha! this is gonna be another pubstomp.. mski fans really believe that they stand a chance against Na'Vi. well they dont stand a chance, w or w/o lag the results will be the same. go navi =)
United Kingdomdeathrollreaper 3 years, 2 weeks ago
#8 u know what just let the philipines boys support who they want its their choice not urs or neither anyone else's.
Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic offastforza 3 years, 2 weeks ago
Na'Vi got this like np!
Perunojulznowin 3 years, 2 weeks ago
#7 and #8

we don't care about the outcome.. obviously mineski is most likely to lose but it doesn't matter fans will still support this team no matter what...

and btw, this Mineski team is rank 5 in DotA ... Higher than rank 6 Na'Vi happy.gif
PhilippinesZeroZero 3 years, 2 weeks ago
I think Na'vi will pick weird heroes.. crash.gif Hahaha
Philippinesfjohnkenneth26 3 years, 2 weeks ago
I absolutely hope Mineski will win this game. Do your best guys. Good luck :D
Russian FederationMercurialXen 3 years, 2 weeks ago






> all

NetherlandsJokerKV 3 years, 2 weeks ago
#14 nice one! manyhappy.gif
Philippinessamcro 3 years, 2 weeks ago
its gonna be mski. greatest upset of the year:)) Na'Vi, wait for the Filipinos to flame you after you lose:))
PhilippinesTwlstedMetaL 3 years, 2 weeks ago
navi would just probably troll this bec they know mski lags. navi isn't the type of team who bullies team on handicap. they are at they're best if challenged. wink.gif
Philippinesvrvink 3 years, 2 weeks ago
#16 lol im in, if navi lose to MI.pc with a 2;0 if its a draw.. nothing much to say :)
Philippineskaerazure 3 years, 2 weeks ago
#14 you sir are epic!
Philippinesxyxspliffy 3 years, 2 weeks ago
Gonna watch this..
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