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Orange vs WE


Rank: #18 (1,178 pts)

Country: Malaysia Malaysia

Clan: Orange

38 % 62
2259 3685
36 bets 21


Rank: -

Country: China China

Clan: World Elite


Amount of bets: 57 ( 5,943)
Event: » World DotA Championship 2011
Best of: 1
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: November 11, 2011 at 09:00
Posted by: Mr.Jas

Match description

World Dota Championship 2011 Group D - Round 1

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Live stream (PPLive IE plugin)

Comments (Closed)

AlgeriaRapedbyin4h 3 years, 2 weeks ago
Sylar vs mushi .......................
Russian Federationhard.Life 3 years, 2 weeks ago
Malaysiaeggtat-ec- 3 years, 2 weeks ago
then select "NeoTV综合频道2套", then select 400K for SD or 800K for HD.

or change "PPTV观看" on the upper right corner to "QQlive观看" and then select "NeoTV综合频道2套". Only 400k available for QQlive.(maybe you have to install qqlive at
GreeceAcential 3 years, 1 week ago
Mushi teach them how to play Puck.
PhilippinesDrensGamingINC 3 years, 1 week ago
hmmmm you dont know well Orange, manyhappy.gifmanyhappy.gifmanyhappy.gif
MalaysiaIAmJustJoking 3 years, 1 week ago
Good luck Orange :)
MalaysiaIAmJustJoking 3 years, 1 week ago
OMG Orange LOSED...:(
JapanRyousuke 3 years, 1 week ago
Sad...nothing Orange can do versus top-tier teams from China.

And we all know, MUFC is the best Msian team right now.

p/s: MSPR.KORO will be the next best team happy.gif
Chinanitrixz 3 years, 1 week ago
lol @ all of you!!

hahaha.... Orange???

got pawned like a noob team by the chinese teams.... tounge.gif
Philippinesgichrys 3 years, 1 week ago
orange down..
Philippinescyprix 3 years, 1 week ago
LGD and IG.Y are their next opponent. Sad to say 0 win for orange. Mushi+4 is not effective after all.LOL Only old can beat a top tier china team. I missed those old times, where pawned the old powerhouse ehome team. happy.gif
Philippinescc. 3 years, 1 week ago
poor mushi
MalaysiaSwft 3 years, 1 week ago
#11 got pawned? they better then u bitcha
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