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iG vs Trust


Rank: #1 (1,610 pts)

Country: China China

Clan: Invictus Gaming

81 % 19
7909 1856
47 bets 33


Rank: #10 (1,284 pts)

Country: Thailand Thailand

Clan: MiTH


Amount of bets: 80 ( 9,764)
Event: » World DotA Championship 2011
Best of: 1
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: November 11, 2011 at 06:00
Posted by: Mr.Jas

Match description

World Dota Championship 2011 Group A - Round 2

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Live stream (PPLive IE plugin)

Comments (Closed)

Russian Federationhard.Life 3 years, 6 weeks ago
neotv has many channels. you have to change it to WDC stream manually.

First enter then select "NeoTV综合频道2套" on left side, and then select 400K for SD or 800K for HD.

Another stream is QQlive. Just change "PPTV观看" on the upper right corner to "QQlive观看" and then select "NeoTV综合频道2套" on left side. Note that only 400k available for QQlive (If you can't watch QQlive, please download it at
United Statesmg-ac 3 years, 6 weeks ago
this game no streamed? This game should be done by now. Result?
PhilippinesDrensGamingINC 3 years, 6 weeks ago
this one is for IG.Z but im hoping for another great all out war, just like the one in ecl manyhappy.gif
Indonesiatomchan 3 years, 6 weeks ago
any update?
Greenlandallsports 3 years, 6 weeks ago
i dunt wanna see trust get eliminated in 1st round but i like zhou , 430 and navi sad.gif
Singaporedotafan_sg 3 years, 6 weeks ago
if IG.Z lost on purpose to TRUST

wouldn't it mean TRUST still has a chance to go thru on time rating ?

since it'll be 2:1 for all 3.
and IG.Z themselves would definitely be safe cos they crushed navi really quick

--pretty much like what DTS did back then--
Greenlandallsports 3 years, 6 weeks ago
if trust defeat ig.z thn who ll qualify for next rnd ?
Viet Namkidwan 3 years, 6 weeks ago
#8 What's for them to lose on purpose ?
Singaporedotafan_sg 3 years, 6 weeks ago
dts did it back then to kick the stronger opponent(ehome) out.

could apply here.

imo , chinese teams should have mith.TRUST pretty much figured out in the sense that they are a team with a "farm farm farm" style with guerrilla to avoid direct conflict early on.

whereas , navi still has some unknown factor to them.
they've got good teamwork/skills , just that they not that up to date with the chinese meta-game and are pretty well-known for "secret strats"
Viet Namkidwan 3 years, 6 weeks ago
^ I don't think any team in this group can be considered strong to IG.Z at the moment, they defeated Navi like np
Greenlandallsports 3 years, 6 weeks ago
game started?
Hong KongArtofTrolling-_- 3 years, 6 weeks ago
iG.z will rape hard hehe.gif
Ukrainekadafi41 3 years, 5 weeks ago
№8 how can IG.Z lose on purpose if they have only 1 win, what if somehow they will lose to AOL?
Greenlandallsports 3 years, 5 weeks ago
finally result came after 8 hrs ? ig.z and navi passess group stage ?
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