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Garaj vs Na`Vi


Rank: -

Country: Russia Russia


51 % 49
18253 17538
399 bets 412


Rank: -

Country: Ukraine Ukraine

Clan: Natus Vincere


Amount of bets: 811 ( 35,790)
Event: » Intel Challenge: Supercup #9
Best of: 2
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: October 03, 2011 at 21:00
Posted by: Mikey

Match description

No idea when or if this game will be played

Comments (Closed)

Othergrandtheftaegies 5 years, 2 days ago
and then we just begun
Otherpsy63 5 years, 1 day ago
It's time for M5's revange! gogo Ekv
Germanybrasi 5 years, 1 day ago
who is gonna stand-in for NaVi this time ? eh.gif
UkraineShKolya 5 years, 1 day ago
#3 AA4 aka Smile wink.gif
NaVi stop win all games,give M5 chance
Russian FederationMercurialXen 5 years, 1 day ago
i think that M5 win
vigoss and pgg hard players
i have many games with them,just good luck m5

my bet 1000 on m5
Russian Federationbanoba 5 years, 19 hours ago
i bet on epic game, no matter who will win
Ukraineenslave)lsd 5 years, 6 hours ago
gl brothers wink.gif
Ukraineendik_1uv 5 years, 5 hours ago
these two r currently the hardest rivals with the most spectacular games to watch!
Na`Vi ftw
GermanyVolzotan 5 years, 4 hours ago
Postpone this please, I wont be able to watch tomorrow.
Friendly regards,
Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic ofdZ.d1PZ-_- 5 years, 3 hours ago
^ kay
EgyptLOG.Randy 5 years, 2 hours ago
all in Na'Vi . goodluck
Bulgariabanana.joe 5 years, 1 hour ago
good luck both but i think M5 have no chance navi are better team atm
Russian FederationMercurialXen 5 years, 32 minutes ago
Bet on m5
I may win 2588.
Greecewelcome_addiction 4 years, 52 weeks ago
It\'s as simple as this.Vigoss> player like eveR.
Europestrellita 4 years, 52 weeks ago
revange M5 GL VIGOSSS wink.gif
UkraineTek 4 years, 52 weeks ago
Xboct will kill them all, not G hehe.gif Davi Na Vi! By the way, ArtSty7e is still missing=( Vanya, blyad', ti nam nugen
Russian FederationVizvezdenec 4 years, 52 weeks ago
XBocT is worst player in navi, btw, can play only rightclick shit like lycan or spectre
Russian FederationM5.Yejik 4 years, 52 weeks ago
Ставка: 1317 на M5.
При таких процентах можно
выиграть: 2812.
go go my tm..
Russian FederationMIG-29 4 years, 52 weeks ago
Ebaw GaraJ !!!
Turkeyhellraider 4 years, 52 weeks ago
navi doesnt stop vigoss
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