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Wilco's DotAthon with Beta Keys!

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Posted 04 August 2012 - 06:11 PM

TONIGHT, at 6pm EST (0000 CET), Wilco and friends will be streaming a Dotathon for at least a bajillion hours straight. We will be going well into the night when all of the children are sleeping. Hours and hours of DotA? Yes, my friends, hours and hours of daddy kissing DotA.

What do we have to offer tonight? Besides the biggest medium sized plays in the world, we'll be having hilarious commentary, games with viewers if you want, and most importantly, GIVE AWAYS! My DotA inventory? Almost everything must go. My friends will be donating items as well, so we will have hundreds of random crap to give away!

But what do the people really want? BETA KEYS! I have a lot of beta keys (sorry, early access codes) and will be giving them away on stream every now and then to viewers. These beta keys are special, given to me from the man himself, and each have two additional beta keys inside. Winners, in effect, will have THREE BETA KEYS.

So how do you get to join in on all of this amazingness? Head over to www.twitch.tv/drwilco and simply watch. You can see us get frustrated with DotA, but we'll still play through all of our misery!

Again, we're spending our Saturday night playing DotA, so tune in to www.twitch.tv/drwilco for the most amazing marathon you'll ever see.
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