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Razer arctosa keyboard macro?

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Posted 03 July 2012 - 02:32 PM

Hey guys just bought myself a new keyboard and wanted to know if i can make macros with two buttons for example atm i know u can make macros as follow
when i press Q: something like qqw gets send for invoker.

but i dont need those i want to create a maco where i use two buttons to send 1 for example
when i press CTR+Q: my keyboard send 1

is this possible to write macros with 2 buttons cause atm when i use their software not able to ???

this wil be huge help for heroes i played in dota1 like meepo. i use to use warkeys and made different meepos to different control groups like first meepo is 1 second is 2 and so on. my spell buttons was q w e r. . . and made a macro where i would press ctr+q to send 1 so i could use my spell button combined with ctr to select different meepo.
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