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Protosser joins mouz, MorroW leaves.

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Posted 27 June 2012 - 05:31 PM

We're shifting gears in our StarCraft II division, as we're signing one of the Swarm's most gifted European players, while waving goodbye to an old veteran and former Grand Champion meanwhile.
Jonne "Protosser" Sotala will join forces with mousesports, becoming the new teammate of DreamHack Summer 2012 champion MaNa. The 18-year-old StarCraft II player from Finland has made an impact at this years DreamHack Summer by beating the favored ThorZaIN aswell as MaNa. Despite his name, Protosser is actually playing Zerg in SC2, while he has been fighting for Aiur in SCBW, and will be the second Zerg in mousesports besides biGs. While he is holding no major championship belt so far, we're very happy for the opportunity to work together with Jonne and let him become of the Europe's finest Zerg players. We're positive that he is able to become a feared competitor among the StarCraft II scene.

Statement Jonne "Protosser" Sotala: "Iím really happy to join mousesports. They have a lot of very good players and Iíve always had a lot of respect for the team. Iím glad get to be part of it now. They are the first well-known team I enter and I believe they will help me to get better as a player in the future. I will do my best to show great results in the upcoming tournaments and also want to thank mousesports and its sponsors GeIL, Razer, CardCoachess, Thortech, MEDION, Intel & Sansibar for giving me this opportunity."

You can find a brief interview with Protosser at the Team Razer Facebook page.

On the other hand, we're waving goodbye to Stefan "MorroW" Andersson, who has been a part of mousesports since StarCraft II Beta, as he joined the family in March 2010. Both parties agreed not to extend to contract, so MorroW becomes a Free Agent for now. Together with MorroW, we're looking back at his IEM gamescom championship, where he became the first major StarCraft II champion, aswell as his second place at Assembly Winter 2011 and his trip to Korea for GSL, not to mention the titles he has won with the SC2 squad in team tournaments. We would like to thank Stefan for the time in mousesports, all the events and matches he has played for the franchise during his contract period.

In his entire career for mousesports there has been only a few players who worked as hard and precise as MorroW - unfortunately with no real reward. We would like to wish him the best in his future career and hope he can catch up to his performances in the past, which he's definitely still capable of.

Goodbye, Mr. Andersson.

Statement Stefan "MorroW" Andersson: "I just want to thank the team for my stay for giving me a lot of opportunities to go to diffierent tournaments around the world as well as my trip to Korea. I've made some great friends during my stay in mousesports and I hope they still give good results regardless if I'm not on the team anymore. I wish them best of luck in the future!"

mousesports StarCraft II division 2012/2013:
Grzegorz "MaNa" Komincz (P)
Dennis "HasuObs" Schneider (P)
Han Sang "biGs" Cho (Z)
Jonne "Protosser" Sotala (Z)
Gabriel "Marine" Segat (T)

source: http://www.mousesports.com/en/news/
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Posted 27 June 2012 - 05:39 PM

You wanted to say Protosser in the headline, not Protoss, right? :D
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