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Play3SC2 200 Pricemoney

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Posted 19 June 2012 - 02:30 PM

The 4Players League is a young and dynamic eSport-League which offers leagues and ladders for CS:S, Fifa 11 and Starcarft 2, beside regular tournaments.

The StarCraft II Close Combat Cup takes place every second Tuesday at 7 pm CET and it attracts many European top-players like EmpireHappy, DignitasSjow, aTnDelphi, Panzergeneral ESC.GoOdy, BLAST|sYz, [M]Lalush, aTnSocke, EmpireBly or BLAST|Tefel.

At the next tournament on June 26th you can win 200.

You can sing up for the next Close Combat Cup on this page.
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You can reach the Support before, during and after the tournament with the supportsystem as well in the IRC-Channel #4pl.sc2 (Quakenet). Any time you will find there nice and helpfully Admins.

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Price Money?
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You are not already a Member? Register here:
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We are glad about your participation.
Your 4Players League Team
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