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Going to dreamhack summer: gen questions

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#1 homesmasher


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Posted 02 June 2012 - 02:28 PM

So me and 3 friends are taking the 9-hour drive to come as spectators to dreamhack summers, its going to be awesome (tickets allready ordered)
Seeing as we're a bunch of stuck-up norwegian oil-sheikhs we decided to sleep in hotel instead of sleeping hall (we're gonna watch the whole thing, and no we're not rly rich)

So i have a few questions:
1: Is there any hotells nearby, in that case which? The cheap 1s are our aim :)

2: Is it easy to park at dreamhack? or does the few/many parking spots at the place tend to fill like a crackhouse in detroit?

3: We bought tickets for spectating online, do we just print these out? Or do we have to go to some kind of swedish store to get true versions out?
I will note: they look like real tickets in the mail versions we got, but its important to be prepared :)

4: Is it anything important to remember to take with me?

If any1 could help it would be great, and id be thankful :) Will be the first true tournament we see live on location.
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#2 dopeshow.


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Posted 03 June 2012 - 07:12 AM

1. hotels will most likely already be booked out, you might might look for scandic/formule1 @ jönköping

2. there should be enough parking lots next to the entrances

3. afaik printing them will work the magic

4. drinks+food are expensive, so you might bring your own. and don't for get about noiseblockers for your ears if you want to sleep at least some hours ;)
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#3 homesmasher


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Posted 03 June 2012 - 05:25 PM

at the 1. issue, i wasn't talking about dreamhack specific hotels, was just wandering if any swedish people and/or others might know of cheap hotells in the area, i mean we're driving so we have a car, if its 20min drive away i dont rly see a problem.
Quality of hotell doesn't really matter, we're gonna be at dreamhack for all events, will only be nightime sleep rly.

thanks for the others answeres tho, will keep the food part in mind :)
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