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StarCraft 2 Fastest Community Building

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Posted 22 April 2012 - 05:10 PM

TGLab Presents
Fastest Space
Created by Endless and Firebat
Posted Image

Map Info

This is a Starcraft 2 remake of the popular Starcraft 1 Fastest Possible Map VGT Space. This map is unique in that its resource flow is similar to that of SC1 Fastest maps rather than providing nigh-unlimited resources and eliminating strategy.

Unlimited Workers Can Mine
Chokes Scaled To SC1 Fastest
Community Site

Promotion and community building
In an effort to popularize the map, I've created a community site, TGLab.tk, where you can find players and tournaments. Also players will be directed to channel TGLab for finding other players.

Finding Games

You can find the map to play with your friends by searching for "TGLab Fastest Space" on the NA Server, and selecting the map published by "Endless". Please make sure to click "Open to Public" so that the map gains popularity. You can also find players in the channel "TGLab" or on the community site "TGLab.TK"

Please help rebuild the fastest community^^
[url=tglab.tk]Posted Image[/url]

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